with Darryl Kelly

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When was the last time you took a break? Not a vacation where you still did some work or a few hours that you had to use to handle another responsibility, but a time when you focused solely on rest and recovery?

For me, it had been way too long and my body had had enough. So we’re doing things a bit different this week. We’re taking a break from guest conversations to focus on the value of rest. Rest for your mind, rest for your body, rest that gives you life. 

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are notoriously bad at giving ourselves the margin we need to feed our creativity. The more you try to give from an empty cup, the more burnt out, stressed, and unproductive you become. Today, we hope you can learn how to identify the signs that you need rest, along with some easy ways to start taking care of yourself.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why an emotional outburst showed me that I needed to give myself rest this week.
  2. How to understand and recognize the signs that tell you when you need rest.
  3. The ways I use journaling and a strong support team to understand where I’m at and what I need.
  4. My hope that sharing my struggles with rest will help the freelance community become more comfortable with this conversation.
  5. How separating from work can help you prioritize what you’re doing and do what matters most more effectively.
  6. What rest can look like for different people and at different times.
  7. Why you should focus on what gives you life over anyone else’s definition of rest.
  8. Plus, an easy way to understand what in your life is either giving or taking energy.
  9. Your first Hectic rest-work assignment, which will help you understand what is driving your emotions and how to master them.
  10. Why all of this matters so much today and for the future.

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