Rethink work


with Megan Williams

Rethink work
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When it comes to living a whole-hearted, well-rounded life as a freelancer, Megan Williams is the person you want by your side. From finding the best direction to take your business to understanding how your relationship with employment affects the way you treat work, she has so many aha! moments to share.

In our episode this week, Megan shares what her employment experiences have taught her about work. She also discusses Black Freelance, the incredible community she is building to encourage more people of color to start freelancing. If you want to build a healthier relationship with your work and business, get ready to take notes!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How big business thinking can help you raise your rates and decrease the time you work without increasing your stress.
  2. Why our job-focused culture is killing us - both literally and figuratively.
  3. ...and why minorities are affected the most by it.
  4. The reasons freelancers typically work so much harder than people who are employed.
  5. How evaluating the ways you as a boss treat yourself as an employee can help you create a healthier approach to and mindset about work.
  6. Why it’s okay to run from traditional employment if it’s not the right fit and what I learned when I did the same.
  7. What Megan loves about Hectic and the ways it supports freelancers.
  8. Her tips for creating an approach to healthcare that works for a freelance budget and empowers healthier living.
  9. Why passion spaces are a bad idea for freelancers and what you should pursue instead.
  10. The new interest she is excited to share with other freelancers.

Show Notes:
Dying for a Paycheck

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