Safe space


with Dr. Dominique Broussard

Safe space
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This week we’re joined by the other half of the Cultivating H.E.R. Space podcast, Dr. Dominique Broussard! In keeping with the spirit of their podcast, we explored the importance of making space for ourselves and others throughout every season of life.

Whether she’s making herself a safe space for her nieces or using her own safe space to celebrate all that she’s accomplished, Dom understands the power of having a place where you can fully be yourself. She shares what she’s learned in her life and through her career as a college professor and licensed psychologist, giving us ways to grow with grace in our own journeys.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why being unapologetically black is an important part of who Dr. Dom is, plus what that means to her.
  2. How being a safe, judgment-free space for her nieces is helping them develop the confidence and freedom to be themselves from a young age.
  3. The ways she and Terri are using their podcast to grant the same space to other black women, using conversation to invoke healing, empowerment, and resilience.
  4. How she teaches her college students and clients to seek out the safe spaces that already exist in their circles (hint: communication is key).
  5. To have grace for yourself when the lifelong process of learning to identify and communicate what you need doesn’t always look like progress.
  6. Why hearing the same things from multiple people is essential to building a holistic picture of the advice, topic, or issue you’re dealing with.
  7. About the importance of mental diversity and how it can improve our journeys.
  8. The many reasons you should celebrate and recognize what you’ve learned from each stage of your life as you transition into a new chapter.
  9. How those around you benefit from your investment in self-mastery and self-discovery.
  10. Dr. Dom’s three favorite phrases that she uses to guide her journey.

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