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Service mindset
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To kick off season 2 with a bang, I had the privilege of speaking with food extraordinaire, Jessica Lawson! In this episode, we chatted about everything from her years living in the Dominican Republic to her hatred of ketchup to the journey that led to her food blog. Most importantly, Jessica shares how her experiences equipped her to take it from a hobby to a business, even if she didn’t intend it. 

Give it a listen to hear how sharing pics of her food on Instagram turned into a thriving, growing brand (and how you can do it too). Plus, you’ll get a first look (listen?) at our brand new signature question.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Jessica’s journey from a directionless college grad to a successful entrepreneur.
  2. About the incredible work she did and continues to support in the Dominican Republic.
  3. The struggles she faced in the corporate world, even when everything was going right.
  4. Why this led to rock bottom and what she did to rise from it.
  5. How the pandemic prompted her venture into food blogging.
  6. What fuels her love of cooking and passion for sharing it.
  7. Tips for turning your hobby into an income-generating service.
  8. How to cook incredible food that makes you feel (physically AND mentally) as good as it tastes.
  9. Why you need to get rid of your grocery budget and diets in favor of beautiful, delicious food.
  10. And what future collaboration with Jessica you can look forward to!

Show Notes:

Jessica Lawson — Big Delicious Life
Allrecipes Cooks to follow

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