"Space for joy"


with Katherine Barner

"Space for joy"
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Katherine Barner, our guest this week, is committed to helping others live the lives they desire and deserve. Though she loves her work as a trauma and grief counselor, she is so much more than this role. During our conversation, Katherine helps us understand how to separate your calling from who you are in the specific season you’re in.

Recognizing and claiming the life you desire and deserve is often seen as a negative, but it shouldn’t be. In this episode, we explore the ways self care can help you do and be your best in every part of life. Katherine also shows us how grace and space work hand-in-hand to reveal and nurture our fullest selves.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why motorcycles (but not mopeds), talking to fish, and numerous daily FaceTime sessions with her granddaughter are essential to who Katherine is.
  2. The many reasons she loves her work and feels called to it.
  3. That self care is a bit selfish and that’s okay, plus how it helps you show up better for everyone and everything in your life.
  4. How your triumphs over the other hard things in life will help you get through the scary discomfort of self work.
  5. To appreciate the ways your childhood coping skills helped you get to this point and how to develop more positive options.
  6. Why giving yourself grace and giving yourself space have to work together.
  7. That turning off your cell phone is the first step to understanding what you want and need.
  8. Practical ways to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about getting the renewal you need.
  9. How to love your work and calling without making it your identity.
  10. To understand that different seasons in life have their own needs, but you can still carve out the space required to find joy and margin.

Find Katherine on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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