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My guest this week may be a peach, but he’d hate to hear you say it. Luke Peach is never afraid to try new things, whether it’s video editing, completing an Ironman Triathlon, or spearfishing off the coast of California. Listen in as we discuss his incredibly varied career and the beauty of designing your own life.


Since he was 15, Luke Peach has been (mostly) successfully making a living as a freelancer in a variety of fields. On today’s episode, you’ll hear how he learned to respect himself enough to put a price on his work and how he came to that shift in thinking. Luke will also share the dark side of wanting to experience everything in life, how to balance the art of getting paid for your passions, and his secret recipe for the perfect breakfast burrito.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. All about Luke’s background in music, songwriting, and jazz piano.
  2. His journey from being underpaid to understanding the value of his work.
  3. What he can’t live without and why.
  4. How he moved from working in audio to filming and editing videos.
  5. Luke’s enneagram number and how that has influenced his career.
  6. Just why his resume will never fit on one page.
  7. The beauty of designing your life as the ultimate masterpiece.
  8. About the dark side of trying everything — and why it’s okay.
  9. Why freelancers should hit the books regularly.
  10. And the downsides to being a Luke with a sister named Leah in the 1980s.

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