Stop shoulding on yourself


with Devonnae Williams

Stop shoulding on yourself
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How long have you been putting off that thing you want to do? What if you just started today?

That’s the message Devonnae Williams, my first guest of season 3, wants to share. Whether she’s helping companies define their brands and perfect their websites or educating creators on YouTube, she is all in and loving it. Join our conversation to hear what Devonnae loves about connecting with people, how she chases the spark that inspires her work, and what we both can’t stand about hustle culture.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why scheduling coffee breaks helps Devonnae be more present, purposeful, and fruitful in her work and life.
  2. The many reasons you should really stop shoulding on yourself.
  3. About questioning the lies and doubts you tell yourself, plus tips for catching the spiral early.
  4. What Devonnae and I love about having deep conversations with strangers in Starbucks’ parking lots.
  5. How seeing people as people, not just objects, and being curious about them can create beautiful moments.
  6. The many facets of Devonnae and how she is learning about them.
  7. How she realized that now is always the best time to make things happen, no matter how prepared you feel.
  8. Why being better bakers when it comes to our pursuits is the best way to succeed in them.
  9. Why mental health and rest produce far greater results than living a constant hustle.
  10. How you can help design the first product for her secret (but not secret) future business.
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