with Michael Jung

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My guest this week is a jack of all trades and a master of one in particular. Since he was five years old, Michael Jung has been captured by the power of storytelling. He’s cultivated this passion in many ways throughout his life, telling stories through acting, volunteering at schools and children’s museums, online book dealing, and more.

Michael currently works as a freelance writer, but he has been writing his own stories for years. Through his education, mentorships, and personal experiences, he has learned what makes a good story and the best ways to share those stories with others.

He dropped by the podcast this week to give us tips for telling our own stories, reflect on the power of choice, and celebrate the value of communication. No matter how you feel about writing and communicating, Michael has something for everyone in this captivating episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why Michael labels himself as a professional side hustler and what he loves about having a different job all the time.
  2. The dangers of confusing who you are and what you do, especially when your work constantly changes.
  3. How Michael came to see himself as a storyteller from a young age and continued growing in that understanding throughout his life.
  4. About the influences, both positive and negative, that helped him discover what he wanted from life.
  5. A practical way for everyone, both writers and those who hate writing, to have fun telling stories through the written word.
  6. How this technique helped (and continues to help) Michael get out of his own way and give himself permission to enjoy the process.
  7. The ways our world today is showing the value and power of communication, even in superheroes and comic books.
  8. Why making choices about your life is the only way to get where you want to go.
  9. What makes a good story and how you can create your own stories better.
  10. Where you can find Michael’s work and what he’s cooking up next.

Find Michael on his website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
See Michael's ebooks on his Amazon page.
The mentor Michael plugs is Jewell Parker Rhodes.
The TEDTalk from Carol Dweck that Darryl talks about is The Power of Believing that You Can Improve.
The concept from Isaac Asimov that Michael talks about is The Eureka Phenomenon.
Douglas Ramsey, the Marvel comic mutant that has a superpower of communication, is Cypher.

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