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with Beth Waterman

Take notice
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If you ever feel like you have to fight to have control of your life and how you spend your time (in both big ways and little ways), this episode is for you. Beth Waterman, licensed mental health counselor, joins to share how we can recognize, engage with, and find relief from the traumas that may be controlling us. From practical ways to deal with these cycles to permission to acknowledge them, she offers easy ways to approach your mental health.

Even if you don’t deal with “big T Traumas,” we hope you’ll give this episode a listen to see how you can heal the past experiences that may be affecting your life and career today.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How working with victims of sexual exploitation and prostitution in Kolkata, India led to Beth’s work today.
  2. What the pandemic changed about mental health and how it may be an underlying cause for the Great Resignation.
  3. The reasons any kind of trauma (from little t to big T) can negatively impact your daily life.
  4. Why communal and individual validation for trauma is crucial to understanding how and why it still affects us.
  5. How you can recognize, understand, and address the experiences that may be taking control of your life and thoughts.
  6. Tips for determining which trauma or part of your life may be affecting you at that moment.
  7. The many ways “Shoulds” can negatively impact your thoughts and actions, plus how to give yourself permission to deny them.
  8. Why practicing ways to address the physical indicators of stress can help counter the mental effects, such as negative feelings and thoughts.
  9. What we can learn from (and teach) kids about countering and naming our needs.
  10. Why having discussions about mental health is so important.

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