"This is me"


with Becky Jo Harris

"This is me"
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Becky Jo Harris sets the bar high on our first episode of season four! As an artist, comedian, actor, voice actor, painter, and perhaps creative/genius, she has a lot to teach about chasing new experiences and overcoming imposter syndrome.

On our season opener, you’ll learn about figuring out the puzzle of life in all its messy complications. Becky Jo will also show why this hard work makes slow mornings and funny videos in bed an absolute must. She has so much to share - and she does it all wearing a wig. Welcome back, y’all!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What a typical morning looks like if you’re Becky Jo.
  2. About fulfilling her dream of being flown to another country for an acting job and the ups and downs that came with it.
  3. How she deals with doubts and self-sabotage that could limit her opportunities.
  4. The importance of finding what works for you and sticking to it, even with something as simple as your sleep schedule.
  5. Why Becky Jo’s free spirit and willingness to put her full self out there drew us to her.
  6. How trying out for new opportunities changes as your career advances.
  7. To embrace the journey, even when it’s hard to put the pieces together or even see the big picture.
  8. What embracing the journey and letting stuff go looks like for Becky Jo.
  9. How she used her differences to land an acting commercial with DoorDash.
  10. What we’re all celebrating this week.

Find Becky Jo on any social media @itsbeckyjoharris (we highly recommend her Instagram!)

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