Time freedom


with Brandon Fluharty

Time freedom
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You may have never heard a kid say they want to be a salesperson when they grow up, but my guest this week is determined to change that. Brandon Fluharty dropped in to share his secrets to becoming a sales guru - and it all starts with becoming a good, grounded person.

Once an aspiring World Cup soccer player, he uses what he learned as an athlete to develop a healthier approach to work and sales. This discussion will transform the way you tackle sales and help you feel better while you do it.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why Brandon is so passionate about sales and changing the negativity that surrounds it.
  2. No sales techniques and tactics. It’s about building connections, not a persona.
  3. His journey to killing it as a salesperson, even if he still sometimes struggles with imposter syndrome.
  4. What he learned from his time as a professional soccer player in Romania and how he applies it to his life now.
  5. A sneak peek of Be Focused, Live Great, Brandon and his wife’s upcoming project.
  6. How hustle culture caused a personal health crisis in 2011 and how this crisis prompted a critical change in his approach to life.
  7. About the importance of resting and conditioning as a professional.
  8. The benefits of having “flexipline” in your life and schedule.
  9. How following a Plan, Rest, Effort, and Reform structure can empower your best work.
  10. Why you should always pay yourself first both financially and with your time.

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