with Jacqueline Corley

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From the moment Jacqueline Corley’s parents brought home their first computer, she was hooked. Join us this week to hear about her experiences as a woman in tech, tips for finding the vision you were born with, and advice for finding the ways you can stand out in your field.

As a published author, speaker, professor, coder, and podcast host, Jackie has so much to share as my guest this week.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Her journey from a child intrigued by her first computer to a professor who helps others discover the magic of technology.
  2. Why it’s important to have more women in coding (it’s probably not what you think).
  3. About the power of perspective - and why your impact might be the missing piece to 
  4. something great.
  5. How to know when you should look inward rather than search for the ideal mentor.
  6. Jackie’s attempts to run kicking and screaming from her inner vision.
  7. ...and why she never gave up on it.
  8. How you can differentiate yourself from other freelancers in your field.
  9. Why Jackie considers herself a 4x minority in her work and what that has taught her.
  10. Why her husband Travis is her biggest inspiration.
  11. Tips for focusing on the value, not cost, of your work.
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