3 questions you should ask yourself every month

Reflecting on these three questions could be the key that unlocks more progress and more success for your freelance business.
3 questions you should ask yourself every month

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Time does weird things to our brains. 2020 seems like just yesterday and also forever ago. For example, does it feel like we were just wrapping our brains around the idea of a global pandemic? That was 3 years ago. Does it feel like Instagram has always been nipping at TikTok’s old trends on reels? That was also just 3 years ago.

We won’t solve the time crisis for you, but we are firm believers that reflective practice can keep time from stealing precious years from your business. Instead of setting another goal or reading another blog on how to make a zillion dollars in the next 6 weeks, try this new habit of asking yourself these 3 questions every single month:

What did I achieve this month?

At the end of each month, take some time to reflect on what you did, because you did some awesome stuff! This reflection time is important to help you identify areas of success, as well as areas where you may need to improve or focus more attention. And research shows that practicing this kind of thinking comes with bonus health benefits.

What challenges or obstacles did I face this month?

This is the one area where shows and movies are actually accurate - something always goes wrong. Every month has its own difficulties. It's important to identify and address the tough stuff in order to overcome challenges and move forward.

What can I do differently next month?

After reviewing your achievements and challenges, consider what you can do differently in the coming month to improve and grow your business. This may include setting new goals, implementing new strategies, or making changes to your workflow or processes.

By taking time to look at your achievements and challenges then intentionally choosing month-over-month how you’ll make changes, your business has no choice but to improve exponentially. 

Cheers to your best year yet!

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