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What Accounting Software Do Successful Freelancers Use?
Keeping those hard-earned dimes in order is a tad more complex than avoiding that overpriced, super-frothy latte. Selecting the right accounting software isn't the endgame; it's the beautiful symphony that plays as you dance through the freelance world.
Michelle Lee
The Freelancer’s Guide: Setting Your Rates with Confidence
Setting freelance rates is a delicate balancing act. Tools like Moxie can provide invaluable insights making the process more data-driven.
Michelle Lee
Essential Accounting Software Features for Freelancers: A Deep Dive
To streamline your financial management, invest in software tailored to meet your specific needs. Learn more about accounting software features with Moxie today.
Michelle Lee
Stuart Jones on how to get better lighting for your content
Lighting is important for all kinds of content, but do you know how important? Stuart Jones, 10-year cinematographer, does.
Michelle Lee
7 tips to turn freelancing into a career
7 practical steps for when you start dreaming about a full time career in freelancing. (Tips on convincing your mom not included.)
Six in demand freelance careers for 2023
If you're doing one of these jobs, you're in exactly the right position to be needed by everyone in 2023.
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