6 essential books for conquering the world of freelance

Read these 6 books to get advice and insight on freelancing from experts on being your own boss.
6 essential books for conquering the world of freelance

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No matter what type of freelance industry you attempt to get into, there is always something new to learn – how to become better, get more clients and ensure that you can have a sustainable career in your chosen field. 

Another issue that you might have is how to stand out in an industry that has so many others doing the same thing. To help you find answers to the questions that you are asking yourself, check out these essential books. 

Escaping the regular work week

In learning to escape the regular work week, you should check out the book Be A Free Range Human By Marianne Cantwell. It helps people discover how to run the nine-to-five life they live and become happier as a result. Her book has been praised as being funny, clever, and having a quick wit that makes the book more relatable to everyone.


Another great benefit to the book? It has an energy that makes it a fun read, and it makes people believe that a freelancing career is possible and fun to attempt. It also showcases how you can do what you love on your terms and in your way.

Let’s get creative 

Our following recommendation for an essential book for freelancing is Creative Inc.: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Freelance Business. A book by two authors, Meg Llasco and Joy Cho has been deemed a classic for freelancers. There is an excellent bevy of wisdom in this book for every type of freelancer, which makes it a great option.


Another great reason people love this book is that it shows freelancers how to make a portfolio that people will notice and pay attention to. Everyone who has been in the freelancing business knows that if you don't have a portfolio, you won't go far. Having an option that helps you navigate the legal issues and beginner mistakes is a highly beneficial tool that you can use to your benefit. 

Changing your work to suit you

When you are a freelancer or attempting to become one, you can be surprised that your workweek is vastly different than you think it would be. Some people work over twelve hours a day. Others work up to eighteen. However, if you want a shorter workweek, you should check out The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss.


This book will see what it takes to build yourself a successful and profitable business. It also teaches you the proper skills you need for successful outsourcing and managing tasks and how to understand and scale your income. Another benefit? You learn how to eliminate the work that sucks out all your time and understand the importance of working in shorter bursts while continuing to run your business successfully. 

Know how to navigate 

In a freelancing career, you will experience setbacks. It is unavoidable, and you will find that if you can't handle them, you may not last as long in the business as you want to. With every interaction, you must take the bad with the good, and with the book The Dip by Seth Godin, you will learn what to do when you face a dip in your business. 


You will also see that you can move past the drops in business as long you know what you are doing. The most important thing to comprehend here is the difference between a minor setback that won't affect you long term and something that is serious and can damage your career permanently. 

Finding your freedom 

When you want to have a freelancing career, there are usually two big reasons. You want freedom and learn how to be successful in something that you genuinely enjoy instead of something that makes you want to rip your hair out. The Freedom Figure By Adam Fletcher is an extraordinarily humorous but beneficial book about freelancing because it takes you on an honest journey regarding the ins and outs of this industry. 


He explains how the market is shifting and expands your mind while giving great examples of the industry and how society views it. Reviews for the book have been positive while saying that the book has a style of thinking that is so amazing that you will feel silly once you realize that you hadn’t thought of these solutions yourself.

The book is also masterfully done with tips on how to be your boss, understanding how to find your luck and innovative insight into making your future brighter and more fun while creating meaningful work. 

How we deal with this industry mentally 

In the book Dear Freelancer by Brittany Melton, you will see a different take on freelancing and the business. Hundreds of books on the market offer minimal tips on this business, but this book provides real meat. When you become a freelancer, it is a highly demanding career at points, and no one seems to talk about the hardships you can go through emotionally and mentally.


An important book to be sure, it covers topics such as how to survive the constant flow and handle rejection, dry spells, and painful lessons that the author learned. The book also serves as encouragement and an excellent tool for conquering a demanding industry. 

You can always learn more in this industry

In any career, you will find that there is always something new to learn. The books that we've illustrated above are well-rounded; they give you great tips on how to sustain yourself in this business and how to deal with the emotional side and setbacks effectively without giving up. When you are ready to take your freelancing career to the next level or start to build your freelancing career from scratch, use these books as a guideline. You won't go wrong when you do. 

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