Austin L Church on using your social media content to sell your services

Social media caption templates to turn likes into paying customers.
Austin L Church on using your social media content to sell your services

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One thing seems so simple. Could just ONE change help your social media posts sell? Austin L. Church says absolutely.

One actual thing of course makes for a short workshop, but pf course he wowed us (as always) with examples, templates, and a checklist. If I had to explain Austin in 3 words, templates and checklists would definitely make that very short list. 

The one thing? 
Actually just asking.

I know. Ridiculously simple. But if you run back over your social media posts - meticulously created and planned - have you asked for what you wanted? Follow me, buy this amazing thing, smash that subscribe button - there’s a reason those phrases are in our vernacular. They work.

Let’s run through these 4 templates that Austin shared and what makes them great. 

DM me

DM me "WORD" and I'll see how I can help you.

I see these all over the place. “DM me “Ginger Snap” and I’ll send you my recipe” or “Comment “Snake” and I’ll send you all the places where you can still be frustrated by the classic game.” 

This gets people chatting with you. They did a simple completion and now you get the chance to wow them with what you’ve got. Plus you know these are people who are ready to grow or learn or buy in this particular area. Qualified lead central. (pardon my sales jargon)

Outline two ways

More of a pieces and parts type? Austin’s got you. He shared two templates that broke down well-performing posts from other creators (Dina Calakovic and Emmie Faust) into their basic parts. This lets you take these parts and write them yourself. 

Start writing the pieces you feel the most comfortable with. What makes you different from others who do the same work? Why did you start this work in the first place? What are common beliefs that people have that you know to be incorrect because of your expertise?

Start writing, plug your pieces into the above templates and then tweak to make everything sound like you. Some of us just need a little structure to our creativity and I think that’s just fine. 


Finally, the incomparable Ed Gandia has a super simple and straightforward approach. 

Here’s the offer.
Here’s how it’s going to work.
Here’s what’s in it for you.

Won’t you join?

Austin talked about how difficult it can be to try to sell yourself. Here comes the imposter syndrome. And the questions. And general self-doubt. And sometimes the nagging feeling that you’re selling yourself like a used car.

But if you can reframe your thinking as an invitation for someone - even just one someone - who needs your help to get a little further in their business, that can change everything. You’re inviting someone to something awesome.

And we’ve come back around to that one thing Austin mentioned at the beginning - asking. 

Grab a template that works for you, but most importantly make sure you say what you want. Invite your people to follow, download, subscribe, and buy. Otherwise, how will they know what do to next? 

Find more from Austin L. Church at and don't miss his full workshop.

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Michelle Lee
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