Moxie vs. Honeybook: Finding the best business tools for freelancers

Can Honeybook’s small business tools work for freelancers? See why Moxies made-for-freelancers features, prices, and resources are a better fit.
Moxie vs. Honeybook: Finding the best business tools for freelancers

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Freelancers wear many hats. When you are drumming up new business, invoicing current clients, and completing deliverables, you don’t have time to jump between multiple tools.

Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Today, you can find multiple platforms, including Moxie and Honeybook, that make running your freelance business simpler. Finding the right option, however, is often the hardest part.

You (and your business) deserve the best. This guide will show you why Moxie is the best choice for freelancers who want to save time, money, and stress as they manage and grow their careers.

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“Moxie is a must have for freelancers.” - Nadira B. 

Why choose Moxie over Honeybook?

To put it simply, Honeybook is made for small businesses. Using the platform as a freelancer means adjusting the more complex features to your simpler needs — and paying more for them.

Moxie is created specifically for solopreneurs and freelancers. You get everything you need to start, manage, and grow your business in a tool that makes your tasks easier from the moment you join. You can customize it to fit your needs, but you won’t ever have to find work-arounds for tools better suited for a bigger business.

Even better, Moxie grows with you. As you expand your business with multiple clients, collaborations, and bigger projects, you’ll find that the simple tools you used in the beginning seamlessly adjust to meet your growing demands.

Affordable at every stage

Empowering freelancing for everyone is the core of Moxie. And that goes for our pricing too.

The tools you need to run your business should never be a limiting factor in your growth and success. At Moxie, all our features are included in one all-inclusive price, including:

Honeybook charges $39 per month for its features, which isn’t bad for small businesses, but may stretch a freelancer’s budget. You can also test the platform out with its seven-day free trial, but you have to pay to get any real benefits for your business.

Intuitive from day one

When you join Honeybook, you’ll have to complete forms and a workflow setup before you can start using the tool.

With Moxie, you can dive into your top priority from the moment you sign up. Our click-to-create proposals flow seamlessly into projects to make onboarding simpler. Keep clients updated with a customized portal and easy communication. Track every part of your business with our project management, detailed calendar, sales pipeline, proposal and contract builder, invoicing, and accounting tools.

As you find your best way to run your business, you can put your valuable time into the things that matter.

“Moxie helps me keep costs down while I’m growing.” - Rosa H. 

One all-inclusive, global platform

You’re a world-class creator, so your tools should empower you to have a global reach. While Honeybook only works with clients in the U.S. and Canada, you can use Moxie to invoice and collaborate across borders, including getting paid in international currency.

“Moxie saves me several hours a week.” - Erica H. 

Personalized support from humans and resources

Our customers can’t stop talking about our support. All of our team members, including our founders, man the support chat. You know what you need best, so we take suggestions seriously. You might even see the change you asked for that same day.

Getting help from the people who built the platform also means getting real solutions. You will always be able to talk to a real person who can walk you through your specific problem.

And we don’t stop there. From blogs to workshops to the courses you can find in Moxie Academy, you can always find ways to grow. From doing your taxes to prioritizing mental health, we’re helping real freelancers share what they’ve learned along the way.

“Moxie does everything I was looking for AND MORE.” - Laura T.

Built for freelancers, independent contractors, and solopreneurs

Running a small business is different than operating a freelance business. From managing larger teams to daily operations, small business-ing requires more complex solutions — and that’s what you get with Honeybook.

As a freelancer, these features just make your work more complicated. You don’t need these extra steps, so why force yourself to deal with them?

Small business owners can find all the tools they need with Moxie, but that’s not who it was made for. It was built to streamline and simplify the ways freelancers operate. As a small or one-person team, your business admin should fit your preferences and workflow.

We’ve focused on all the things you need to work faster. No matter the task, you can get in, get out, and move on with your day.

“Moxie was exactly the tool I needed.”-  Bryan G.

Let’s compare features

We may be biased, but we’re pretty stoked about creating a platform made specifically for freelancers in every stage of their business — not just tools that work “good enough” compared to other options.

Choosing Moxie over Honeybook means getting way more for way less.

Don’t believe us?

How does Moxie stack up to Honeybook?





  • End-to-end management for unlimited clients
  • Send leads from your website, Facebook ads, and email
  • End-to-end management for unlimited clients
  • Send leads from your website, Facebook ads, and email

Project management

  • Input full project details
  • List, Kanban, and Calendar views
  • Better task management, including high-level overviews, file attachments, and team assignment options
  • Input full project details
  • Can’t attach files to tasks or assign them to team members

Invoicing & payments

  • Collect digital payments through Stripe, Venmo, and PayPal, as well as credit/debit cards and bank transfers
  • Accept payments in international currencies
  • Customize invoices to your brand 
  • Automate recurring invoices, reminders, and late fees
  • Collect payments through credit/debit cards and bank transfers
  • No digital payment integrations
  • No international currency payments
  • Extensive invoice customization
  • Automatically send recurring invoices
  • Same-day deposits


  • Simple drag & drop proposal builder
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Integrate project deliverables, contract and invoicing into the proposal
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Can integrate proposals, contracts, and invoices into one document


  • Have clients review & sign online
  • Use lawyer-approved templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Get instant notifications when the client signs
  • Have clients review & sign online
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Get instant notifications when the client signs


  • Track and bill income and expenses
  • Upload receipts
  • Integrate business credit card or checking account for accurate outlook
  • Track and bill income

Time tracking

  • Use time tracker or add time manually on your computer or app
  • Add details to tracked time
  • Automatically add tracked time to invoices
  • Add time manually

Calendar & scheduling

  • Filter calendar by client, deliverable, deadline, or project status and take action directly from the calendar
  • Integrate Google and iCloud calendars
  • Schedule meetings through the meeting scheduler
  • Integrate Google calendar
  • Schedule meetings through the meeting scheduler

Mobile app

  • Get full versions of your tools on both your computer and phone
  • Get limited versions of your tools on the mobile app

Client portals

  • Enjoy extensive customizations for your client portal for easier communication and collaboration
  • Enjoy limited customizations for your client portal for easier communication and collaboration

Sales pipeline

  • Client inquiry management
  • Discovery forms
  • Track your sales pipeline
  • Client inquiry management
  • Track your sales pipeline


  • Create different workspaces for different teams
  • Add, tag, and assign tasks to collaborators
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited team members
  • Add and tag collaborators


  • Free plan with all essential tools
  • Pay $11.99 per month for Pro plan extras
  • Use Teams plan to add team members for $19.99 per month
  • Pay $39 per month for all tools

Free use

  • Everything you need is always free
  • Try the platform for free for 7 days

Freelance smarter, not harder

Find everything you need to turn the chaos of running a business into the job of your dreams with Moxie. Get started for free today.

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