How to create effective project proposals and win more clients

The ability to create and pitch strong project proposals is the key to winning clients and making money as a freelancer. Here's how it's done.
How to create effective project proposals and win more clients

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As of now, about 36% of American workers are freelancers. This may seem like a lot, but it's nothing compared to what it will be soon. The ever-growing nature of the freelancing industry means that it should make up the majority of the US workforce by 2027.

If you're looking to join this competitive market and turn your passion into a profession, there are some things you must do. One of them is writing project proposals that sell your skills to potentially interested clients. Here, we're going to talk about how to write a proposal that packs a punch, so read on to grow your business.

Consider what is relevant

Before creating a proposal for freelance projects, consider what is relevant to your target audience. If you plan to write for marketing and SEO, you will want to discuss the tools and methods that you use for keyword research in your proposal. This will let those looking to hire you know that you are qualified and know what you are doing.

However, these skills are irrelevant to a proposal for transcribing something directly from someone's handwritten notes into a computer. Instead, you will want to focus on your abilities with Microsoft Office and Google Docs in this proposal. Basically, the bottom line is that you need to consider the situation and who you are reaching out to.

If you're unsure of who your target audience is, you can identify them using multiple platforms. As you know, technology is a freelancer's best friend, so creating a social media page and tracking the demographics of who visit it can help you succeed. You also may want to use Google Analytics to see the occupations of those visiting your freelance webpage or profile.

Sell your specific strengths

Suppose that you are an SEO blogger who works with marketing firms. You aren't the only one out there who is passionate about marketing — there are thousands of other freelancers that you must compete with. This may sound daunting, but don't worry about the competition. Instead, focus on your specific individual strengths.

This means that you must think about the specific aspects of marketing that you care about most. You should include your beliefs about digital marketing and what you most value when doing your research. Do you prefer to target for long keywords? Are you big on readable content that incorporates many appealing visuals?

All of this information should be as clear and precise as possible. You also should talk about the experience that you have with jobs similar to those that you are applying for and the specific ways that you worked with and catered to these clients. Show potential hirers that you are flexible and adaptable as well as having very specific strengths.

Include samples of your work

You can discuss your skills and merits for days, but this is nothing compared to giving proposal readers the chance to see what you can do. Include PDF files that showcase some of the best work that you have done for similar clients. Remember to only send relevant samples — you do not need to send sites that you have coded to someone who wants you to design their logo.

Make sure that the files are not locked and are accessible in all regions before you send them. There's nothing nearly as frustrating as not being able to open an important file, and this irritation could lose you clients.

Clarify contact information and FAQ

At the bottom of your proposal, include the ways that potential clients can contact you. This likely means an email address, or if using a cloud-base freelance management system like Hectic to build and send proposals, prospective clients can respond directly within the platform. This is a surefire way to streamline communications.

Most people will wonder about your rates right off the bat, so you should include them in a place of prominence when creating a project proposal. Outline how much the job will cost and put information as to whether or not your rates are negotiable. When you do this, you will only find clients that can afford you and therefore will not waste your time or others'.

Finally, let the client know that you are willing to adapt the proposal before making it into a contract and signing. Most clients' top priority is being heard and having their specific needs met.

Use the right technology

In order to create an effective project proposal, it is essential that you utilize the correct technologies to do so. It can be a challenge to format your proposal in a way that is both professional and appealing. The time that you spend doing this can detract from the content itself, which is the most important part of your proposal.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Hectic's custom proposal creator. This software will guide you step by step through the proposal-writing process so that there is never any confusion as to what the next steps you must take are. The drag-and-drop format makes structuring your document easier than ever and gives you more energy to focus on the meat of your contract.

This technology also offers solutions to another key struggle that many freelancers face: turning proposals into contracts. While many must reformat their proposal and change the file format into a shareable document that both parties can edit, Hectic's platform allows you to convert it and collect signatures in moments. You do not need to stress over multiple document readers, platforms, and editors.

Create project proposals for freelancing

Now that you know how to write and format project proposals that will get you clients, it's time to get started. Start for free today with the tool that freelancers can use to grow their business.

We look forward to helping you thrive!

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