Client relationships

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How a Client Portal Develops a Brand: A Moxie Guide for Go-Getter Freelancers
Your virtual handshake, digital business card, and friendly little assistant all rolled into one. Develop your brand with Moxie's client portal.
Michelle Lee
How Do Client Portals Work?
Ever feel like you're juggling a million things at once? Transform your chaos into organization and structure with Moxie's client portal, connecting your freelance prowess with their business needs.
Michelle Lee
Streamline Your Freelancing Business: Exploring the Key Features of the Client Portal
A client portal is a powerful tool that offers freelancers a single platform to connect with clients and manage their business. Take a look at Moxie's key client portal features.
Michelle Lee
Kat Boogaard's magic outreach email
In her workshop, Kat Boogaard shares the strategy and actual email she sent to book $3K in new assignments.
Michelle Lee
Austin L. Church's 14 step sales process
Some of our best notes (plus Q&A!) from Austin L. Church's workshop on a full freelance sales process.
Michelle Lee
Why freelancers need a sales pipeline tool
Sustaining a profitable freelance business with a steady stream of clients? It's not a pipe dream. A pipeline is the answer.
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