Jourdan Guyton on creating a sustainable social media strategy

Sustainable content pillars for busy freelancers from Jourdan Guyton, 10 year content expert.
Jourdan Guyton on creating a sustainable social media strategy

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Does your content need magic dust to make all your dreams come true?
Well. This probably isn’t it. 

Creating content is work! But it doesn’t need to crush your soul. With the right strategy, you can create consistent content without spending all your time trying to keep up with trends or learn a dance (unless that’s your thing, then by all means we want to see it!).

Jourdan Guyton knows a thing or ten about content. As in, she spent 10 years in the entertainment industry. Since leaving to create her own business, she’s earned six figures and amassed a 90K audience using this structure for creating content sustainably. 

Honestly, you’ve got to watch the full workshop. Thank us later. 

For now, let’s review just ONE of the incredible frameworks she shared with us. It got the most fire emojis and conversation in chat. Jourdan calls it her B.O.S.S method. 

BOSS is a content pillar structure - aka the types of content you post. During her workshop, she asked everyone to make a commitment to how often they want to post per week. Then offered this method to help solve the “what am I going to post about?” question.

Have I mentioned you’ve got to see the full workshop? 

B - The behind the scenes of your business

When it was a thing to buy DVD’s, I ALWAYS bought the one that I could watch the director’s commentary. There’s something about knowing what went into the scene that makes me appreciate everything even more. Now that I can see how Marvel’s MCU movies were made with “Assembled” on Disney+ whenever I want, I am living my best life. 

Give that experience to your customers and online friends. This is something AI will never be able to take from us. Who are you? What drives you? What happens in your process and how is that special? Give us a peek behind the curtain. It makes us all a little more human. 

O - Overcome

No one said freelancing was easy, unless, of course, they’ve never done it. It’s a conscious choice to go out on your own and you have had to go through ups and downs to stick with it. 

That bit of transparency is key. When you share a bit about who you are, others feel more comfortable sharing who they are. With all of the people in the world and the reach that your social platform can have, it’ll be so freeing for you and your online community to know they aren’t the only ones who had something difficult arise. 

Share how you got through it and bring those who are still walking in the dark a little light. 

S - Straight value

You know stuff. And it may have come naturally to you. Or you may have worked REALLY hard to learn it. Or a combination of those things. Either way, those are things that someone just behind you might have not discovered yet. 

Align with your business and your values and offer a tip that you learned that makes your life that much better.

S - Story 

Introduce and re-introduce yourself. This is your space so you get to set expectations about who you are and what to expect in the community that you’re curating. 

It’s been a few paragraphs since I reminded you to watch this incredible workshop. We didn’t even touch the 3 C’s framework or Jourdan’s ICE method and they are can’t. miss. Keep up with Jourdan on her website and Instagram.

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