Meet Geoff from the Hectic team

Meet Geoff, Hectic's COO and co-founder. Learn about Geoff's motivation behind creating Hectic, and his hopes for future freelancers.
Meet Geoff from the Hectic team

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Who is (your daddy and what does he do)?

Technologist, entrepreneur, husband, father, cyclist, skier, car enthusiast, and professional cat herder.

A bit about your background?

Self taught and self made, I have always believed in the power of learning and perseverance as a path to success.  After “exiting” high school at 17, I started my career as a graphic designer turned web developer and quickly realized that: A) I greatly enjoyed software engineering and (h/t Scott Fultz) B) I had absolutely no interest in working for anyone else. I started my first company when i was 24 and have never looked back.

Tell us about a career-high moment?

The first year we were able to give all of our employees (at one of my previous boot-strapped companies) a meaningful holiday bonus.  It was an exceptional feeling that we had “made it”.  After many years of hard work, the business was thriving and profitable.

Why are you involved with Hectic?

Hectic is the most exciting venture I have been part of.  People who have recently entered (or will be entering) the workforce have an expectation that they are able to do something they love while earning a meaningful living doing it.  This mentality started with Gen-Y and has been amplified by Gen-Z.  Our goal with Hectic is to support this generational transition from unrewarding/unfulfilling career paths to creative freedom and financial success.

What’s your hope for freelancers just getting started?

My hope for freelancers getting started is that they will have the confidence, skills, and tools to pave their own path.  Life is too short to work for someone else.  

What advice do you have for aspiring freelancers?

Have patience and perseverance.  Success will not come overnight.  Learn, evolve, grow, repeat.

What do you do when you’re not doing Hectic?

Much of my free time is spent doing various things that make me a faster bike racer… Fortunately, that involves a lot of bike riding - which is awesome because I love riding my bike.  When I’m not working or on the bike, I can be found hanging with the family, cooking, watching movies, or trying to communicate telepathically with my dogs.  

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Geoffrey Mina
Geoffrey Mina
Geoff has always focused on building technology solutions that solve real-world problems for real people. Over the years he’s developed a reputation for optimizing strategy for efficiency and high-performance outputs. In other words, he’s skilled at selecting the right strategic paths for organizations but can also mobilize workforces to execute action plans and critical initiatives. He’s passionate about building high-performance teams, inspiring them to push beyond their limits and perform at levels not thought possible.
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