What's a freelancer?

Freelance work is growing fast in popularity, but what is a freelancer? Check out this post to learn what a freelancer is and how to succeed as a freelancer.
What's a freelancer?

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There are almost 60 million freelancers in the USA alone. In fact, freelancers may be the largest workforce in America by 2027. But you may be wondering, what's a freelancer, and how do you stand out in such a large industry? 

This article will help you understand what it means to be a freelancer, as well as offer some tips for succeeding as an entrepreneur.

What's a freelancer?

One of the first questions people have when they hear about the freelancer life is: "What is a freelancer?" 

In short, a freelancer is someone who offers their services to potential clients or customers. They could be doing all their work for one client, or they could be working for several different customers at any time. One of the benefits they have is the freedom to have several sources of revenue at any one time.

Rather than earning a yearly salary, freelancers typically charge a flat rate per project or an hourly rate. Freelancers also often have specialized skills that allow them to charge higher rates than they would earn for employment in the same industry.

Several examples of common freelance jobs include photography, writing, or graphic design.

Freelancer guide to success

Below, we’ve included three tips for succeeding as a freelancer. With these tips, as well as a skill that is sought after, you can build a thriving career as an independent creator.

Be professional

People who like what you do will be much more likely to bring you in for repeat jobs. With this in mind, you should be presenting yourself as a good worker with a positive attitude towards both colleagues and work in general. Act professionally, meet deadlines, and offer great work to foster great relationships with clients.

Be prepared to hustle

At the start, you might have very few clients. To grow, you will need to market yourself to gain new business. Network, increase the number of people you interact with, and find others whose needs you can fulfill.

This may feel a little forced, but soon networking with others will be as easy as making friends or talking to others online. You will be able to present yourself as a person who is able to solve others' problems successfully, drawing clients to your services and solutions.

Be organized

One of the most important things you need to do is understand how to organize yourself. Forgotten work can lead to broken contracts and lost money, so people often recommend that you invest in organizational tools. Using a tool such as Hectic to stay on top of your work, schedule, and clients will empower you to be a reliable asset to any business.

What next?

Now that you understand what a freelancer is and how to succeed as one, you can start building a successful business and career. Get more tips and tricks for reaching clients and building healthy habits in our blog.

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Darryl Kelly
Darryl shares what he's learned as both a freelance photographer and freelance consultant. His experience as a freelancer is what led him to co-found Hectic.
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