Predictions for freelancers in 2022

Hectic’s guide on how to start and run a freelance business in 2022

guide for freelancers
Chapter 2

Anyone can work from anywhere

Remote workers are becoming more common, and more people are interested in working as freelancers.

One of the biggest reasons why freelancing is growing is flexibility. Working as a freelancer leaves you free to pursue the lifestyle you want. Freelancers who can live in places where their cost of living is low will be able to stay competitive against competitors from around the world who are willing to work for less money.

In the next 10 years, self-employed individuals will enjoy the ability to earn a steady income from anywhere in the world that can literally fit inside their laptop bag and the freedom of traveling around the world based on their own schedule.

A combination of technological advancement and shifting societal values has made it possible for people to work from anywhere, at any time, and on their own terms.

The freedom afforded by online work can be used in many different ways. Whether you decide to freelance full-time, part-time or as an occasional occupation, anyone can work from anywhere.

I'm not just talking about working from the beach. That might look good on Facebook, but you can't really do good work when you're on the beach. I'm talking about flexible hours and freedom of location.

You can work from anywhere, and you can work at any time. Want to work from home? You can do that. Want to work from a coffee shop? You can do that, too. Want to travel while you work? Freelancing makes that possible as well.

The point is, you have options when it comes to your career and lifestyle. Freelancing gives you the power to decide what kind of life you want and how your work fits into that life.

I’ve seen this firsthand in my own life.

The flexibility I’ve found as a freelancer has allowed me to travel, care for family members, volunteer in my community, and more. I’ve been able to run my business while living in a variety of locations without missing a beat.

Freelancing is the holy grail of location independence.

Some freelancers choose to travel while they work, moving between countries and cities as they please. This is a great modern way of working, but it's not suited to everyone. Some people find it difficult to concentrate in a new environment, or feel lonely if they are away from friends and family for long periods of time.

It's important to remember that freelance and remote work doesn't always mean you have to be a digital nomad. Freelancing can be done from anywhere — and you can still be home for dinner.

You can take time off when you want — travel, spend time with family or friends — and work when it suits you best. The truth is that most people want more control over their lives. They hate the idea of spending half their waking hours working at a job they don't like in order to pay the bills.

Freelancing also gives you more control over your time. You do not have to fight morning traffic or spend your days waiting for 5 p.m. In fact, many successful freelancers choose when and where they work – maybe that's at home on weekdays or at a local coffee shop on weekends.

In addition, freelancers can make as much money as they want, as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort into developing a strong client base and delivering great service every single time.

More importantly, it means you're in control of your workload and calendar. If you want to work more hours one week and fewer the next, it's up to you. If you want to take some time off to travel or spend time with family, that's totally fine too. You get complete control over your life in a way that traditional employment doesn't allow for.

You could go on a three-month vacation and still make money from your business if you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can work from your porch if you like. While you're at it, you could also sell your house, move to Spain, and spend your days sipping sangria by the beach.

You can choose to work as much or as little as you want. Whether it's ten hours per week or ten hours per day, that's up to you. You can change your schedule depending on what else is going on in your life — whether it's family time, travel or something else entirely. You can even hire other freelancers to help out with the parts of your business that you don't enjoy doing so much (or perhaps aren't so good at doing).

You can build up a long-term career without ever having to deal with office politics or annoying coworkers. You get to do what you love with clients who appreciate what you do for them.

What kind of work can I do as a freelancer?

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Can I do my job freelance?”

The answer may surprise you. There are all types of freelance jobs.

There are freelance architects, scientists, Pharma quality assurance professionals, engineers, and the European Space Agency even recruited a freelance Senior Spacecraft Mechanical Engineer!

If you want to know whether you can freelance, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Do I have a valuable skill I’m good at providing?
  2. Do I enjoy providing that skill?
  3. Is that skill valuable to other people?

If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, there’s a good chance you can freelance. Here are some common jobs people do on a freelance basis:

  • Accounting and finance
    Accountants and financial advisors can set up their own practice so clients come to them for their financial needs. Accountants can also offer their services as contractors for other companies.
  • Digital marketing, advertising, and PR
    If you have an eye for the latest trends in advertising, marketing and PR, you might be able to get your own agency off the ground or offer your services to other agencies as a freelancer, social media management and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Business operations
    Do you have a knack for analyzing data and making sense of it? Then you might be able to help other companies run their business more efficiently by offering management consulting as a freelance job.
  • Clerical work
    You might not think of clerical work as something that is in demand, but if you can perform administrative tasks like filing paperwork or setting up appointments, you might find work as a virtual assistant.
  • Customer service
    Though customer service is traditionally done in an office setting, many companies are looking for ways to cut costs and hire remote workers instead.
  • Service provider
    Babysitting, dog walking, test prep and tutoring, event planning and catering, data entry.
  • Images, graphics & design
    Photography and videography, graphic design, video & animation, illustration.
  • Writing, editing, & translation
    If you have a knack for words and a strong work ethic, you'll find that there are plenty of opportunities for you to succeed as a freelancer in this category. In today’s content-driven world, editing copy, video, audio, etc. will keep you busy as long as you want!
  • Music & audio
    This could include everything from creating sound effects and doing audio production to mixing or mastering music for artists or other companies or composing the soundtrack for a new movie or television show.
  • Programming & tech
    There is plenty of work available for freelance web designers and developers. You can work doing website development, mobile app development, WordPress development, front-end coding and design, back-end coding and design and more.
  • Voiceover artist
    If you have a distinctive voice, you can work in a wide range of areas. Examples include recording audio for e-learning courses, commercial and even corporate training videos. With a clear voice, you can also record audio book narration and podcasting.
  • Translator
    If you speak multiple languages, then you may be able to find freelance work as a foreign language translator. Many companies need translators to help them with their global expansion efforts, and the need is only growing as the Internet makes it easier for companies to sell their products and services overseas.

and more…

Plus, an increase in the number of online platforms that provide a great medium for connecting freelancers to companies and vice-versa means that the global talent pool diversifies and is no longer dictated by geographic location. These platforms can help you tap into the freedom and flexibility of freelancing by finding customers wherever in the world they…or you, may be!

Here’s a list of 30 of the more popular freelancing platforms:

You can use these platforms to meet clients, land work, and be free to pursue the lifestyle you want.