Measure in happiness


with Dane and Evy Lyons

Measure in happiness
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I’m excited to welcome Dane Lyons to the podcast and welcome BACK his partner Evy, who joined me last season to talk about building brands, muscles, and teams. Together, Dane and Evy are pushing back against rigid business structures and wholeheartedly embracing creativity. From hackathons to NFTs, they share how they are finding new ways to challenge themselves and build something new.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Who Dane and Evy are, according to each other.
  2. How embracing discomfort and joining the podcast last season helped fuel Evy’s growth and journey over the past year.
  3. What Evy loves about the work she’s doing - both in her day job and her passion project, the Pleasant Box.
  4. The reasons you should embrace creative freedom and your unique passion, no matter what you’re doing.
  5. Why you should focus on using creativity as self-nourishment, not an opportunity to make money.
  6. About Dane’s gift for imagining original possibilities rather than focusing on remaking or improving what others have already done.
  7. His journey from teaching himself to code after leaving the military to working with NFTs and DAOs.
  8. …and what exactly those are, plus the opportunities they offer for creatives and freelancers.
  9. What it’s like to have both a business partner and life partner in the same person.
  10. The wishes Evy and Dane have for the world in 2022.

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