Winning new clients

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Chapter 2

What to do before you reach out

When you reach out to clients, you have to be ready to show them that you are their best option. If you have to cobble together your marketing resources, you will look unprofessional and incompetent. Not quite the recipe for success.

Before you even start outreach, follow the steps below to nail your first impression.

Evaluate your marketing

Here, we’re referring to the ways you market yourself, business, and services. Make sure your website/portfolio is up-to-date with your latest and most impressive samples. Check for typos, broken links, or any other errors. If you use social media or blogging for your business, make sure those are active as well.

Solidify your pricing

While you don’t need to create a pricing sheet (though it won’t hurt for some industries), you should know how much you will charge for your services. Be prepared to quote projects quickly.

Gather testimonials

Show prospective clients why people love working with you. Include testimonials in your marketing materials and keep them on hand to send as needed.

Know your niche

If you want to gain quality, long-term clients, you need to target the right people. The better your skills match a business’ needs, the more likely they are to hire you. We’ll help you find the right industries and work to focus on in the next chapter.