Home base

The heart of your business

Always know where projects stand and what’s on your to‑do list, financial health, and more with Hectic’s dashboard.
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Start your day with a sense of calm and control knowing what’s on your plate — meaning less cold-sweat, panic attacks
Never miss a task, deliverable, or deadline with everything all in one place
Take instant action on the things that are most important today so you can thrive tomorrow

Free up mental capacity to create

Use your dashboard as your business brain dump. Everything from partial payments, deadline reminders, updates on deliverables, and things you want to jot down can live here. No more scattered sticky notes, lost ideas, or misplaced invoices!

Schedule your days

Integrate your Google calendar to your home base and track client meetings, deliverable deadlines, and uninterrupted time blocks to grind it out.

Better manage your workload

See what’s due today, this week, and next week at‑a‑glance so you can manage your workloads and are never caught off guard by something big coming down the pike.

Keep a closer eye on your money

Take the guesswork out of what you’ll make month over month with tracked revenue invoiced, revenue received, and billable hours broken out by client.

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