6 freelance podcasts we actually listen to

Our favorite podcasts for freelancing advice, tips, and inspiration
6 freelance podcasts we actually listen to

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As a podcast editor, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Well, I listen to one podcast - but I listen to it a lot. Once to hear the full story. Once to edit. Once to make sure I didn’t edit too much. Once to make sure I didn’t accidentally leave in the same clip twice and no one cusses inappropriately. It’s a lot. But I digress. 

That means I don’t have a lot of time to listen to other podcasts. So if I’m going to risk the sinking feeling of imposter syndrome when I hear someone else’s excellent podcast, it has to be worth it. 

Here are the very very very few podcasts that make it in my weekly-ish listening.

Per Our Last Email

If you have never listened to this podcast and you’re a freelancer, you haven’t lived! Arabella and Elle share freelance stories - mostly horror stories - and drinks and amazing guests. The episode with Steven Lee is a serious gem. You can also submit your own gruesome story.

You’ll laugh. You’ll commiserate. You’ll tell yourself that you’ll never let yourself work for free or discount your rates again (until you do. Everyone does it just to feel the immediate sense of regret).

Freelance to Founder

Our friends at Millo have resurrected the call-in radio show in brilliant fashion with Freelance to Founder. Each week, Preston and Clay answer a question about growing your freelance business. Whether it's about hiring other freelancers or the benefits of becoming an LLC, there''s something to be learned week over week.

Plus if you have a burning question, ask it and maybe you'll get a full episode answer from Preston and Clay who have been successful freelancers and business owners themselves.

Brave New Work

This isn’t about freelancing, but the principles apply. Also it will make you remember exactly why you left corporate culture after hearing Rodney Evans and Aaron Dignan rail on the dated way of working designed for the warehouse floor. If you love a unique way of looking at the world and passionate people challenging the way you have thought about work for your entire life, this is the podcast for you.

Healthy Rich: Make Money Better

You know how in diet culture if something is delicious you’re not allowed to eat it (usually)? Dana Miranda takes this same questioning and applies it to the way we think about money. Is a scarcity mindset actually serving our approach to finances? Don’t we make money so that we can spend it on things we actually like? Does the word “budget” conjure an image of an evil piggy bank coming to eat all of your hard earned cash? Just me on that last one? We all have baggage.

You’ve already taken control of your work life. Why not also rethink the way we’ve been thinking about our money? If we’ve got freedom and flexibility in our work, shouldn’t the money we make doing that work further that free and flexible lifestyle? Dana says yes.

Freelance Cake

You can have your cake and listen to it too (and eat cake while you listen to it for true inception). Austin L. Church has been freelancing and coaching for freelancers with the mission to help one million freelancers make $100K. That’s a lot of people and a lot of dollars.

This podcast certainly furthers that goal with practical tips about marketing yourself, productizing your discovery sessions, and generally betting on yourself and your expertise. If you ever have trouble believing in yourself as a freelancer, listen to Austin’s podcast. He believes in you enough for the both of you. 

Podcast and Amplify

Have you thought about starting your own podcast? Kristin Quiroz Bayona thinks you should too - especially if your voice has historically been under-represented and rarely shared. This might be the kickstart you need and the inspiration to share your story.

Of course there are lots of great podcasts out there, but you don’t know who is waiting to hear a story that only you can share from your unique life experiences.

If you are the kind of person that can listen to a podcast while you’re working and still take it all in - wow. I’m genuinely just impressed by that. Here are a few honorable mentions for the true podcast aficionado.
She Speaks Bougie with Tennielle Clark
Cultivating H. E. R. Space with Dr. Dominique Broussard and Terri Lomax
Hella Latin@ with Odalys Jasmine

Also the podcast that I listen to 7 times a week is The Moxie Podcast. We’re pretty proud of it, but I’m also obviously biased. Got a freelance podcast that you love? We’d love to hear about it. Drop us a note at hello@moxie.us.

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Michelle Lee
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