Digital marketing answers for freelancers: Do I need a website?

Do I need a website? A question freelancers have probably asked themselves. This article will help you decide if a website is right for your freelance business.
Digital marketing answers for freelancers: Do I need a website?

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Digital Marketing Answers for Freelancers: Do I Need a Website?

Do I need a website? As a freelancer, you’ve probably asked yourself that question more than once. And it’s a good question to ask. 

Freelancing is a great option for working professionals to consider. Think about it: all the free time to create and manage your own schedule, not having to report to anyone, being accountable to yourself and only yourself. The thing is, a lot of people have started thinking this way, leading to oversaturation in the market. That creates some healthy—and potentially annoying—competition. It’s harder to make your voice heard among all the other voices.

So how do you combat this? Having your own website is a great place to start. Your website can set you apart from the crowd of other freelancers and boost your credibility. 

Freelancers Who Excel with a Website

There are any number of freelancing opportunities out there. If you’re looking to branch into any of the following kinds of freelance work, having a website will truly make a difference. 

Freelance Photographer

As a freelance photographer, you should have a website showcasing your work. Photography is inherently visual, so a website is the perfect way to demonstrate what you can do. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Freelance Copywriter

Trying your hand at freelance writing? Copywriting is another type of work that can benefit from showcasing examples. Show off what you’ve written with a portfolio on your website. 

Freelance Interior Designer

If you’re trying to market yourself as a freelance interior designer, having a website detailing images of the work you’ve done is only going to help propel your career forward. 

Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic designers can more easily provide examples of their work and demonstrate their ability to design digitally in how they structure their website. 

Freelance Web Designer

There’s almost no better way for a freelance web designer to showcase what they can do to a website than through managing and creating one of their own. Just make sure your work is top-notch—visitors will be assessing every corner!

Freelance Art Director

Art is highly visual, so showing the art exhibits you’ve directed will be an essential way to gain new clients and jobs. 

Why You Need a Website

Not on the list? That doesn’t mean a website won’t be valuable for you—indeed, a quality website will never hurt you. On the other hand, a lousy DIY site can hurt. Even if your freelance business has nothing to do with web design, visitors will draw conclusions about your quality and professionalism based on what they see. 

Here are some reasons why a solid website can benefit any freelancer.

Showcase Your Work

Anyone can call themselves a freelancer, and there’s a lot of disparity regarding quality. This is why a website can be so beneficial. Showing off your best work lets potential clients know the quality they’ll enjoy when they approach you for a project.

Put Your Best Professional Foot Forward

Having a website shows potential clients you are a serious professional with verifiable skills to offer. Your website is the perfect opportunity for you to market yourself. Show others what you have to offer, make it clear that you know what you’re doing in your industry. Customers coming to your website will see exactly what they can expect from your work and determine if you can offer what they need. 

Build Credibility

You need to show customers you know what you’re doing. A website that shows your work history and recommendations or reviews can go a long way toward building your business.

Broaden Your Reach and Influence

It’s essential to break away from the saturated crowd of other freelancers. Having your own website can make that possible. Then you can promote your site through social media platforms.

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