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Satta Hightower on marketing your freelance business
Always be marketing. That's Satta Hightower's advice as a 14-year freelancer. Do these 4 things every week to keep your pipeline full of just the right clients.
Michelle Lee
How do freelance writers get started?
If you’re ready to start freelance writing but worried you have no experience, no connections, and no idea what you’re doing, don’t worry. Follow our guide for getting started on the right foot.
Anthony Sills
How to write a freelancer bio that attracts clients
How do you craft a freelancer bio that speaks to well-paying clients? By keeping the needs of those clients in mind as you showcase your experiences and accomplishments. Here’s how.
Michael Jung
Find and land the right clients with the right approach
Put your best foot forward marketing your freelance business.
Emily Finlay
Digital marketing answers for freelancers: Do I need a website?
Do I need a website? A question freelancers have probably asked themselves. This article will help you decide if a website is right for your freelance business.
14 tips for getting started marketing your freelance business
Marketing your own freelance business can be difficult and confusing. So we provided 14 freelance marketing tips to help you lift your business of the ground.
Darryl Kelly
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