Greg Mount on discovering your niche

How do you start finding a niche when it's so personal to you? Try this 5 question strategy to get yourself started.
Greg Mount on discovering your niche

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The riches are in the niches.
It’s neat to niche.

No matter how you say it, niches are so hot right now. 

Since each niche is - by definition - unique, how do you get started finding the perfect one for you? Does it descend on you like a perfect soul mate in a romantic comedy? Is there a meet-cute with niches? Do you get placed into a niche with a magic sorting hat?

Not so much.

Greg Mount from Armoury Media has found his niche - mental health professionals with college membership located in Canada with solo practice. Specific so he can use his specific set of skills, but general enough to bring him all the work he could ever need and more. 

How did he get there? During his workshop, he shared the 5 questions to start you down the path to a niche that’s exactly right for you, your skills, and your ideal clients. 

Which clients do you enjoy?

Set intentional time to reflect on your ideal client. Write it down so you don’t forget it. Or when you do forget, you can always go back to it. Where do they live? What size company are they? Create a target for you to aim your business at instead of firing into the wind and hoping nothing terrible happens.

What are your unique skill sets?

“I don’t know anyone who does it better than I do.” That’s not being cocky. That’s a recognition of your skill set. Sure, other people might do what you do, but only you do it from your perspective. One of our guests on our podcast, Dominic Lawson, said it like this:

“Someone is waiting to hear your voice.”

Where is there an unmet need?

Think about the first client you ever took on. Maybe it was your cousin because your aunt asked you. Or maybe just a friend. Whoever it was needed something and they were willing to pay you actual money to do it. What was that need? You have probably iterated since then, but take time to think about the core problems you have solved for each of your clients.

Who are the best prospects?

Greg pointed out that maybe targeting a group of people that is notoriously known for not paying invoices might not be the best way to make a living. Yes, he took a shot at start-up founders, but Geoff didn’t seem to mind (much).

What would you do anyway?

Listen, it’s unlikely that even left to your own devices you would sit around until even Netflix gave up on whether or not you were still there. You are an entrepreneur and you can’t help it. Do you drive your friends crazy because you notice bad marketing everywhere? Are you always thinking about website tweaks that would make it more usable? Does it fire you up to hear a complex problem and offer a solution?

Pay attention to those things and don’t hesitate to follow them. 

Watch Greg’s full workshop and as always don’t sleep on the Q&A. There’s always gold there. Want to know more about Greg? Find him on his website and not on social media as long as he can help it.

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