Is it hard to become a freelancer?

The idea of working by and for yourself can be an alluring one. But how difficult is it to become a freelancer? Find the answers here.
Is it hard to become a freelancer?

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Have you ever wanted to become a freelancer?

This is a question you undoubtedly thought about when toiling away at the office or job site. That idea of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and getting paid based on your merit and expertise.

You may also have thought about whether freelancing is something hard to get into. Well, the answer to it is a little more complex than a simple 'yes' or 'no'. There's a degree of subjectivity to the answer. There's also a lot of introspection and self-reflection.

The following are things you'll want to consider when pursuing independent work.

The common internal barriers to becoming a freelancer

There isn't a lot preventing you from becoming a freelance worker or starting a freelance business. However, that's not to say there aren't any barriers somewhere (and some time) along the way. Your ability to adapt and overcome barriers will often be the factor in your success as a freelancer.

The common internal barriers you'll run into are as follows:

The "mind prison"

There are quite a few mental blocks (or "mind prisons") that make becoming a freelancer difficult — like:

  • Feeling inadequate about your skills
  • Being too locked into a hardline idea

Perhaps the biggest mental prison is one you put yourself in when it comes to skills. More specifically, a sense and feeling of being inadequate. That feeling as if you don't have enough experience and know-how. You don't pursue freelance goals because you're never good enough in your own mind.

Here's the thing: Everyone starts somewhere.

The beauty of learning is that it happens all the time. Freelance skills develop as we take on more projects and challenges. We get to work with clients of all types who are flexible to our abilities (and are willing to give us a shot). As for competition, there's a lot of skilled people out there. But, work is so in-demand that you need not worry if there are small gaps (you can fill those later).

Here's the other thing: Don't marry an idea.

Freelance work adapts and will change with every client, and so will your business goals. It's important to stay flexible so you're always learning new things, developing skills, and connecting with people. Set basic concepts and come up with a vision that guides you versus being "married" to something that limits opportunities and growth.

The shiny object syndrome

Our brain does this funny thing where it rewards itself when we make plans, to-dos, and daydream. It's the instant gratification we get because we took the first step in doing something. Unfortunately, our brain then doesn't want to follow through because it already received a reward. This happens a lot with entrepreneurial prospects and getting into freelancing.

It's what many like to call the "shiny object" syndrome.

We bounce from idea to idea because it's fun to imagine if it panned out to something. We make early attempts at it but soon run into barriers when a real challenge happens. We then jump to the next idea or "shiny object" because there isn't resistance.

Ever abandoned a project because something else looked more fun? That's the shiny object syndrome.

Your ability to commit to an idea is a huge part of overcoming the hardships of contract work and freelancing. It's also a huge part of avoiding scope creep when you're finally working on freelance projects. If you can push past the learning curve and early difficulties, then you're more likely to stay committed.

You're finally reaching freelance milestones and business goals.

The external barriers disrupting your quest to become self-employed

There's a flipside to the internal struggles you'll need to overcome when becoming a freelancer. These are the external barriers and setbacks you're bound to run into along the way. Sometimes they're in your control and other times they aren't. Knowing what these barriers are and strategies to overcome them will determine whether freelancing is "hard" to get into.

The common external barriers you'll run into are as follows:


It's never been easier to create a business entity and presence. Find the platform that's right for you, like Hectic, where you can manage your work, communicate with clients, and send invoices.

Whether it's setting up a proper business entity, filing taxes, or paying for essential services, you'll need business capital. If you're good with money, saved up, or had a string of luck, then you'll have some money to launch.

Our best tip? Try to keep things as lean as possible when starting so you don't take on unnecessary expenses.


You can be amazing at what you do but then completely clueless when it comes to the management side of things. Tasks like invoicing, taxes, communication with clients and the like, may pose barriers. Yet, these are just as important as the work you're delivering because without them your work and business won't function.

Find a freelance management platform that helps simplify the business-side of your freelance business. With Hectic, you will find a guided platform that will help you handle all aspects of the business side or your freelancing so that you can stay focused on making money and completing projects.

Surprise, surprise... that day-to-day stuff is what we do through our core service.

Yes, even you can become a freelancer

The intent of this article was to show that there are real challenges as you become a freelancer. Yet, these challenges aren't nearly as debilitating or tough as they often seem! Most of the time it comes down to trusting in your abilities to overcome them.

If you've got the skills, the right mentality, and a vision, then internal barriers aren't a toughie. If you've got a level head with money and know when to tap into resources then external barriers aren't real challenges.

What's next in this journey to become a successful freelance worker? Why not connect with us and find out! We'd love to help you accomplish freelance milestones and goals. Let's collaborate and see where this all goes.

Build a better freelance business and opportunity today — join us on this journey.

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