The best 10 bloggers to read if you're a freelancer

Sometimes, you just need to know someone else has been there too. Check out these 10 people who share their freelance experience in lovely and human ways.
The best 10 bloggers to read if you're a freelancer

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Everyone can follow Adam Grant or Seth Godin. And a lot of people do. And their stuff is, of course, great. In marketing and life, their ability to share their experience in clear and thoughtful ways has made them household names (if your household regularly talks about sales and marketing).

But there is also SO much great content out there designed by freelancers who are living the same life as you. Working early. Working late. Balancing your real life with your flexing schedule. Wondering if this is a sustainable way to live.

When work threatens to take over your life or it feels like life is demanding all of your attention right now, stop and take a deep breath. Seriously. Science shows that a deep breath helps rewire your brain. 

Then check out one of these other freelancers who gets you. Here are 10 can’t miss blogs (okay, there are a few that aren’t blogs, but they are still can’t miss follows) for work-life balance for freelancers.

1. Make Lemonade

First and foremost this is a community of freelancers started by Rachel who creates stunning floral arrangements alongside building a safe space to Get Sh*t Done. The blog is full of lemons (people who are part of the Make Lemonade community). Love this one on How to set boundaries while working from home because there is always laundry to be folded and a pet who needs something.

2. Kat Boogaard

No list about freelance things is complete without Kat Boogaard. If everything in your business is sunshine, roses, and unicorns, then this is probably not the place for you, but if you ride the freelance waves between amazing clients, wondering if you made the right choice, and difficult days, you’ll find yourself nodding and sharing Kat’s content on Instagram and wanting to be her best friend (Get in line. I’m already trying!). A great place to start is with these 4 strategies to manage freelance burnout.

3. Black Freelance

Of course, if you want Megan Williams’s real hot takes, you have to take to Twitter, but the Black Freelance blog cannot be slept on either. Megan is all about changing the whole way that we think about work and challenging the ways that traditional employment has crept into the whole of our thinking. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I recommend Toxic employer habits: How not to bring them into your freelance business.

4. Leviosa Marketing

June Chang is my favorite Instagram follow. She gives hot tips and makes me feel like I could post a reel or two and it wouldn’t be a complete mess. Even the levels of service she offers have relatable titles, so of course her blog makes you feel right at home too, like this one about Constantly doing without ANY results.

5. Freelancers Union

Absolutely packed to the brim with all the things freelancers need to know about (read: taxes, invoices, and taxes). One scroll through their blog and you’ll be saying, “you had me at freelancer taxes.” If work-life balance is what you seek, make sure to read How to take a REAL vacation when you work for yourself. Spoiler: a day on each end of your vacation will change your life.

6. Britchida

It’s not a blog, but if you have ever felt something, but didn’t have the words to describe, there is probably a print or diagram created by Britchida that absolutely nails it. For a breath of fresh air, this is the corner of the internet for you.

7. Marley Parker

If you started freelancing for the adventure and the freedom, Marley is right there with you. If you started freelancing because you needed a schedule to flex with all of the other commitments you have in your life, Marley gives you adventure to live vicariously through. Her blog is stunning thanks to her expeditions at sea and talent as a photographer. Just set aside the next couple hours and binge the whole thing like a TV show you can’t turn off. You can thank me later.

8. Kyunghee Writes

I have to be honest, I am not a poet and I have not always loved or appreciated poetry. Okay, who am I trying to impress here? I still don’t always love or appreciate poetry, but this is the exception. There is something about Kyunghee’s blog and poetry on her Instagram that makes the world feel more still for a moment and gives me a sense that I can stop and meditate for a minute or several through her writing. 

9. Mocha Girls Pit Stop

Our dear friend Terri Lomax created this because she knew there had to be more to this life than college and work until you die. She’s shifted her creative efforts to the Cultivating H.E.R. Space Podcast (which we also love), but there are some real gems to be found in this space still, especially Community self-care: How to promote self-care practices amongst your friend group.

10. The Hectic blog

Obviously a shameless plug, but we’ve got a full category on health and well-being written by some of our favorite freelancers like Marissa Morrow and Anthony Sills. We believe your work can fit around your life and there are some excellent strategies out there to beat burnout and rediscover your creativity when you need it.

Balance is all about tension. When you balance on one leg, you feel the pull to one side or the other and the balance bit is about staying upright. A work-life balance is the same. Sometimes you will need to flex one muscle and other times will call for a different one, but between these incredible bloggers and the ever-growing freelance community, someone else has been there too.

There are tons of great bloggers in the world. If you are one or you know one, give us a shout at or on your favorite social media platform @hectic_app.

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Michelle Lee
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