Market yourself as a freelancer

From marketing yourself as a freelancer to marketing your business — Moxie’s guide to putting your best face forward.

guide for freelancers
Chapter 2

Which niche is right for me?

The right niche for you is the one you can serve most effectively. Ask yourself the following questions to determine the right niche for your business:

  • What kinds of projects do I have the most experience completing?
  • Which kinds of projects do I enjoy the most?
  • Which kinds of clients tend to gravitate toward my business—and work with me, and give me positive feedback?
  • What are the specialized skills I bring to my business?

Your answers to these questions can help you determine which niche would be most profitable for your business. Remember, the niche that has the highest-paying clients isn’t automatically the most profitable niche for you—there are lots of ways to build a profitable business, including operating on volume and building a strong referral network.

Marketing yourself as a freelancer is marketing yourself as the best person to provide the service your client needs. To do that, you need to express your skills and a bit of your personality through a carefully sculpted brand.