Market yourself as a freelancer

From marketing yourself as a freelancer to marketing your business — Moxie’s guide to putting your best face forward.

guide for freelancers

From your brand to your business

As a freelancer, you’re no stranger to marketing your services. That’s the only way to keep the funnel filled—getting your name out there, grabbing potential clients’ attention, telling them who you are, showing them what you do. But are you really marketing yourself, or are you only marketing your business?

We get it; it can be hard to separate the two. As a one-person business, marketing your services feels like you’re marketing yourself as the service-provider. And in some ways, you are. But if you’re only marketing the services you offer, you’re missing a key ingredient you need to grow your business: connecting to audiences as a brand. And as a solopreneur, you’re the brand.