Finding the fuel: A self-care guide for freelancers

Because a day off here and there just doesn’t cut it

guide for freelancers

Finding the fuel: A self-care guide for freelancers

It’s not brilliance and creativity.

Or marketing genius.

It’s actually your mindset and your ability to manage your own energy. Otherwise known as self-care.

No really, that’s it.

What really makes the difference between someone who WANTS to freelance and someone who DOES freelance is turning inward and getting to know yourself, your brain and your body more intimately than you’ve probably ever done before. Self-care is an empowering, critical practice that allows us all to avoid burnout, experience joy in our work, and put our best foot forward in everything we do.

The freelance life comes with many benefits. Working on your terms, building a brand and pouring yourself into your passions feels liberating and rewarding. It can also be incredibly stressful to depend solely on yourself to make an income and create structure and discipline in your life. 

As a freelancer the lines between your professional and personal life will often be blurred and the more you can practice self-care, effectively managing your time and energy, the more you will be able to enjoy your freedom and independence and experience success.

In this guide, we’ll tap into what really makes you tick, help you develop a plan and practice for self-care and find the fuel to power your journey to freelancing freedom.