Finding the fuel: A self-care guide for freelancers

Because a day off here and there just doesn’t cut it

guide for freelancers
Chapter 2

Get your mind right with the service mindset

Anyone can freelance. Everyone has something unique to offer that provides value to others. Yes, freelancing is about finding clients, making money, and being your own boss, but it’s so much more.

Instead of spending all of your brain power agonizing over how you will make money or where your clients will come from, focus on getting clear about how you can be of service. Once you are able to fully live in the service mindset, you will become a magnet for the perfect clients.

Mindset issues can manifest in all kinds of ways that will have you feeling stuck - procrastination, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, perfectionism. All of these things can stand in your way to achieving your freelancing dreams. 

A mindset self-care routine is just as important as looking after yourself physically. Your mindset dictates how you approach everything in your life. Talking to yourself in a negative way is the quickest road to self-sabotage and abandoning your dreams. Your beliefs, your attitude and what’s going on in your head create your reality. 

Cultivating a service mindset

A lot of people hold themselves back from freelancing out of fear. Fear that no one will hire them, fear that they aren’t good enough, fear that they don’t have what it takes or the knowledge to build a real business. Training your brain to operate with a service mindset will not only do wonders for your emotional well-being, it changes everything about how you approach your business.


Empathy is the key ingredient for a service mentality. Whether your offerings are delivered face-to-face, online or through a physical product, empathy is a critically important service mentality. When talking to a potential client, put yourself in their shoes. Instead of trying to sell them on your services, help them realize that you empathize with their pain points and that you fully understand their feelings. 


Take ownership of the relationship and the experience with the client. As a freelancer, you are now the head of every department and have full responsibility for managing every aspect of the process. It’s important to set clear boundaries, manage expectations and guide your clients through the life of the project. You own the business!


Every project will look a little different and sometimes a client or project may require that you take on tasks or responsibilities that you didn’t see coming. It’s important to be able to take a step back and be clear about where you can be of service. Freelancing will often require you to approach things differently than if you’re employing your skills in a corporate setting.