Winning new clients

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guide for freelancers
Chapter 5

Following up

Your follow-up strategy is equally important. Busy people may not see or remember your first message, but they may react to a timely reminder. Send another message around 2-5 days later, briefly reiterating your initial message and requesting a response. You can also send another follow-up the following week.

If you still aren’t getting a response, consider changing up your strategy. You can try calling, sending a message over LinkedIn, or reaching out through another channel. Whatever you decide to do, remember to be courteous. Don’t slide into someone’s DMs or overload them with messages. Stay professional.


Outreach, especially cold outreach, is daunting. Thankfully, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Just stay professional, authentic, and courteous every step of the way. There are plenty of clients who need what you offer. You just have to show them what you can do.