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Chapter 3

Maintaining a healthy pipeline

Both starting and growing your business may seem impossible while on-the-move. It’s one of those, “I’ll do that later” things.

After all, maintaining your pipeline means seeing which former clients may have work. And that means digging through your contacts, messages, or databases to find the right contact information so you can get in touch.

Or, it means finding new work that you then have to bid for. Some proposals can wait but many can’t. Do you really want to waste the opportunity to land a new project because you couldn’t send a proposal in time? Even if you have a proposal template that you can edit on your phone, it may not offer the professionalism you want to project. It’s also probably a pain to edit on your small screen.

The right business management tool solves these problems by empowering you to stay ready to spot and jump on an opportunity at a moment’s notice. You won’t need to delay projects until you can send a customized contract from your computer. Or, worse, threaten payment security by starting the work before the contract is signed. You can do it all right then and there.

Tips & solutions for maintaining a healthy pipeline

Maintaining your pipeline is dependent on two main things: your ability to react quickly and your success in wowing the client. Reliable communication and the right resources will give you what you need to do both from any location.

Use the right tools

Before you can grow your business, you have to stay on top of its needs. The right tool will help manage your projects, keep up with billing, and handle all of the small tasks that keep you in operation.

Too many freelancers lose business because they can’t keep up when life pulls them out of the office. When you can run a professional business, even from a different time zone or through a natural disaster, you can enjoy more long-term work and clients.

Wow your prospective clients

Competition is fierce for freelancers. Getting new projects means showing clients that you are a better fit than others, a challenge made more difficult when you’re working from your phone.

One of the best ways to impress your clients is through your proposals. These bids often solidify your first impression, even if you’ve spoken with the client previously. If you’re sending a plain word document because it’s the only thing you can create on your phone, your chances of wowing the client drop. Leaving your client hanging will also lower their opinion.

Cement the perfect first impression by whipping up amazing proposals and contracts on the spot. Combine design with professionalism to communicate capability and attention to detail. Create documents that clients can’t help but return to, giving you that number one spot in their minds.

And do it all as soon as the opportunity arises to increase your chances of getting there ahead of the competition.

Stay aware of your pipeline

New freelancers sometimes make the mistake of only looking for new work when their other projects have ended. Along with putting your financial health at risk, this also slows your growth. More experienced freelancers know to keep the new jobs rolling in steadily, but may struggle to know if they have the space for their new work.

Mobile freelancing makes this even more difficult. How can you respond to your client’s email about new work if you don’t know what’s coming next in your pipeline?

Putting your business on hold while you’re out of the office is an option but one that also stunts your growth.

Instead, carry your pipeline with you wherever you go. Use a tool that shows your upcoming work and availability in just a few clicks. Not only will it give you the option to take on new work, but it will give you total confidence in your business’ health.

Keep your clients close

Having a lot of current and former clients is great for your business but sometimes hard to manage. When you want to reach out to ask about new work, make things easier by keeping all of your clients in one place. Better yet, use a tool that organizes your clients with your projects. Understanding which clients offer the work you enjoyed the most ensures you only reach out to people you want to work with again.

How can the Hectic mobile app help me keep a steady flow of work?

If you are using our web app, you have experienced the stunning proposals and contracts you can make with our drag-and-drop builder. Our mobile app offers the same capabilities. Customize every proposal and contract for the job, work, and client. Add your logo and brand colors. Design offers that always stick out.

We’ve also designed a client management system built specifically for freelancers. Easily view your past projects, invoices, timesheets, proposals, and the terms of your contract. Email or call every contact you’ve saved for that client from the app. Every client is easily within reach.

You can also use the mobile app to evaluate your pipeline. See how much work you have and how much margin you have. If you need immediate availability, you can also view the timing of your current projects to see if you have any wiggle room.

The Hectic mobile app takes the guesswork out of your pipeline. At the hospital, the zoo, or the airport, you can keep your business moving without giving up other important moments in your life.