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Client portal

A client portal is a secure, virtual space that clients can log into in order to view files, project updates, and more. Some popular client portals include Zendesk and Huddle.
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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) entails all the tactics and tools used to acquire and retain customers for your business. CRM systems provide one place to manage customer data and interactions.
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A deliverable is any piece of work that must be completed for a project to be considered done. It can be internal or external-facing, and can come in various forms (product, service, document, etc.).
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End of day (EOD)

End of day usually means the end of business hours on any given day. It is often used to describe the deadline for payment or a project e.g., “I will have the document done by EOD.”
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End of month (EOM)

End of month usually means the last day of any given month. It is often used to describe the deadline for payment or a project e.g., “we will have all the deliverables ready by EOM.”
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Kanban is a system for managing the workflow of an individual or team. Kanban is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “visual board” and describes a system whereby tasks are visualized as cards (think: Trello).
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Key performance indicator (KPI)

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric used to track a company’s or an individual’s progress towards a specific goal. KPIs can be financial, business-oriented, process-oriented, or other.
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Marketing asset

A marketing asset refers to any item that a business uses to pitch their product or services, such as sales decks, articles, blogs, videos, and graphics.
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Project management

Project management is the process of guiding a team through the various stages of a job. Project managers will typically oversee the planning, budget, and completion of all required tasks.
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Quarterly business review (QBR)

A quarterly business review (QBR) is when a freelancer or company connects with their customers on a quarterly basis. The meeting is intended to gauge satisfaction and identify additional needs of the customer.
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Scope creep

Scope creep is when the requirements of a project begin to change once the project is already in motion. It is an unwanted event that tends to delay, complicate, or confuse the project at hand.
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Slack is a messaging app for teams. It supports one-on-one messaging, in addition to “channels” for multiple participants. Aside from instant messaging, you can send calls, share documents, and more through Slack.
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Time log

In freelancing, a time log is a written record of all the time spent completing tasks for a client. It is generally used for internal purposes e.g., completing an invoice and analyzing efficiency.
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A workflow describes the series of steps that you take to complete a task. For example, when working on a new freelance assignment, your workflow may begin with outlining and researching the topic.
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