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This guide

We are so excited to have you join the Hectic team as a contributor to the Hectic blog!

This guide will help you understand how we can best partner together.

At Hectic, we put ourselves in our clients shoes. We’ve all been there when it comes to freelancing -- confused, scared, excited, proud, confident, feelings of imposter syndrome, and all the feelings that come with being your own boss. That’s why, when we talk to our customers or prospects, we speak like the experienced and compassionate business partner we wish we’d had way back when we were first starting out.

We’re serious about changing the future of work, but we never take ourselves too seriously. As a part of this team, our job is to empower individuals to live their best lives and become successful as independent creators.

What we need from you

Author picture

This will be used on your author bio page. A headshot with personality is preferred! Please no sunglasses or selfies if possible. Please submit this to Michelle at Michelle.Lee@hectic.us

Author bio

This should be 50 - 100 words. The bio should contain relevant information about you — the author — including what makes you an authority or expert on the topics you're writing about on the Hectic blog. Please be sure to include any relevant freelance experience and a link to a single site or online profile you'd like to link to. Please submit this to Michelle at Michelle.Lee@hectic.us

The writing part

Topic ideas

What do you want to write about relevant to our base of readers? Our readers are freelancers who are just getting started or looking to grow their business. They are independent creators who are writers, graphic designers, photographers, accountants, and more with solid, marketable, freelancing skills.

They are coming to our blog looking for tips from the pros, life and business hacks that help them run, manage, or grow their freelancing businesses, and community.

Blogs that do well:

  • Life hacks, tips, shortcuts to running, managing, or growing a freelance business.
  • Personal tips on how you run your freelance business “This is how I get (fill in the blank) done…” “My workaround for (insert topic here) is…”
  • Work/life balance Again, how do you personally make this happen? 

*Please, no fluff pulled off the internet, there is too much of this floating around already. 😃 *

Your blog should fit into one of the following Hectic blog categories:

Moxie information

We like to form long-term relationships with our guest bloggers so if you have more than one topic idea please send over multiple! This hopefully is not a one-and-done sort of thing.

Need help coming up with a topic? No problem, just let us know.

The process

  1. Submit your blog idea and the topic it falls under (☝️) to Leah at Leah.Westfall@hectic.us
  2. Leah will respond with an approval or suggested change to the topic if we already have something too similar on the blog.
  3. Write the blog of at least 750 words.
  4. Submit a Google doc. link to it to Leah (Leah.Westfall@hectic.us) on an editable Google doc. Please ensure you send a link that has edit access so we can make any necessary changes. We reserve the right to edit titles for clarity, style, or SEO purposes, and we may also make minimal edits to the body of your post for brevity, grammar, style, or clarity.
  5. Submit your invoice within one week of submitting your blog.

Other important stuff

Become familiar with Hectic

As you’ll be writing for the Hectic blog it’d be great to have some familiarity with the platform. Please see our product features under “What’s inside” on hecticapp.com

How you get paid & how to invoice with Hectic
Hectic will pay guest bloggers $250 per 750-word guest blog.

Send an invoice to invoices@hectic.us or invoice us through Hectic! Remember, your first client is always free with Hectic. How to invoice us through Hectic. Please submit your invoice within one week of submitting your blog.

Guide to getting started on Hectic
Guide to setting up Stripe

Hectic style guide

See the Hectic style guide for how to best write for our blog.

Questions on any of the above? Reach out Leah at Leah.Westfall@hectic.us or Michelle atMichelle.Lee@hectic.us.

Thank you & welcome to Hectic!