Types of Freelance Clients You Should Avoid at All Costs

Beware, dear freelancers, not all clients are the Brie or Gouda of your cheese board; some are more like that dubious block of unknown origin.
Types of Freelance Clients You Should Avoid at All Costs

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In the dynamic world of freelancing, every go-getter freelancer dreams of a clientele as diverse and flavorful as a well-curated cheese board — each client adding their unique zest to your portfolio and bank account. But beware, dear freelancers, not all clients are the Brie or Gouda of your cheese board; some are more like that dubious block of unknown origin, lurking in the back of the fridge, best avoided at all costs. 

As we navigate this maze, let’s lean on our trusty guide, Moxie, the developer of a cutting-edge freelance app designed to keep your freelance journey as smooth as your favorite triple cream cheese. Here’s a rundown of the types of freelance clients you should sidestep, with all the flair and wisdom you’ve come to expect from a Moxie aficionado.

1. The Never-Satisfied Nitpicker

Set clear expectations and use project management tools to mitigate endless revisions.

Imagine crafting a masterpiece only to have it picked apart like a carcass by vultures on a power line. The Never-Satisfied Nitpicker is a client who, no matter how much effort or time you invest, will always find something to criticize. It's like baking a cake with all the right ingredients only to be told it doesn't taste like cake. 

Moxie’s project management tools allow you to set clear expectations and milestones, making it easier to manage or avoid these types of clients altogether. This way, when Mr. or Ms. Nitpicker comes knocking with their microscope, you have a detailed record of agreed-upon expectations and changes. It's like having a shield made of logic and professionalism — two things even the pickiest of clients find hard to penetrate. Remember, your time is the dough of your work life; don't let it go to waste.

2. The Ghoster

Use invoicing and follow-up features to reduce the impact of ghosting clients.

Have you ever had a date that went seemingly well, only to never hear from them again? The Ghoster client is not much different. They're all in until suddenly, they're not. You're left holding the bag — or in this case, an unpaid invoice. 

With features like automated payment reminders and read receipts, Moxie is like having a friendly but firm ghostbuster by your side, ensuring you're not left wondering if your invoice has vanished into the ether. Plus, Moxie's ability to track communication and payment history with clients turns you into a veritable detective, piecing together the clues of client engagement and ensuring that the ghosts of projects past don't haunt your cash flow.

3. The Scope Creeper

Clearly define project scope and use contracts to keep scope creep at bay.

This client starts with a handshake and a smile, agreeing to your terms, only to expand their request like a universe perpetually inflating post-Big Bang. Suddenly, you're not just designing a website; you're building an empire. 

Moxie’s contract feature acts as a force field against such expansion, clearly defining the galaxy of your project's scope from the start. When Mr. or Ms. Creeper tries to add another planet to your universe, you simply point to the contract, a document as binding as the laws of physics, reminding them that every new request is a new mission (and a new invoice).

4. The Bargain Hunter

Set and stick to your rates with confidence, attracting clients who see your value.

Ah, the Bargain Hunter is always sniffing out a deal and wanting champagne quality on a beer budget. The Bargain Hunter treats the freelance marketplace like a flea market, haggling over prices as if they were trying to score a deal on a second-hand lamp rather than investing in professional services. Engaging with these clients feels like being a gourmet chef asked to price-match fast food. 

Moxie turns the table on this dynamic with features that let you showcase your portfolio in its full glory, coupled with testimonials that highlight your value. With Moxie, setting your rates isn't just about putting a number on your work; it's about valuing your expertise and ensuring clients see this value,  too. When a Bargain Hunter approaches, you can confidently explain why your rates are what they are, secure in the knowledge that Moxie backs you up with a professional presentation that justifies every penny.

5. The Urgent Ultimatum Giver

Use scheduling tools to manage and communicate around unrealistic deadlines.

Imagine being asked to climb Everest. Tomorrow. With no gear. That's the professional equivalent of dealing with the Urgent Ultimatum Giver. These clients live in a world where everything was due yesterday, expecting you to perform miracles at the drop of a hat. 

Moxie's scheduling and time-tracking features act as your base camp, providing the tools needed to manage these Everest-sized demands. By clearly communicating available time slots and setting realistic deadlines from the outset, you establish a timeline that respects both your sanity and the quality of your work. When Ultimatum Givers demand the impossible, Moxie helps you show them what's realistically achievable, ensuring that you're not sacrificing your health for their haste.

Recap & Cheese Board Wisdom

  • The Never-Satisfied Nitpicker: Use clear expectations and project management tools.
  • The Ghoster: Employ invoicing and follow-up features.
  • The Scope Creeper: Define project scope clearly and use contracts.
  • The Bargain Hunter: Showcase your work and set your rates confidently.
  • The Urgent Ultimatum Giver: Utilize scheduling tools for realistic deadlines.

In the freelance world, akin to navigating a complex cheese board, knowing which clients to avoid is crucial. With Moxie, you're equipped with a Swiss Army knife of features designed to cut through the challenges, letting you focus on the work you love. Embrace your journey with the confidence of a connoisseur, selecting only the finest projects to add to your portfolio. Remember, in the end, it’s all about crafting a board (or career) that’s as satisfying and fulfilling as that perfect bite of cheese. Sign up with Moxie today!

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