What Accounting Software Do Successful Freelancers Use?

Keeping those hard-earned dimes in order is a tad more complex than avoiding that overpriced, super-frothy latte. Selecting the right accounting software isn't the endgame; it's the beautiful symphony that plays as you dance through the freelance world.
What Accounting Software Do Successful Freelancers Use?

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You've cracked the code, haven't you? You have managed to bypass the dreary 9 to 5 office cubicle and embark on the illustrious journey of freelancing. Kudos, you audacious go-getter! However, there’s that tiny hiccup in the form of managing finances. After all, keeping those hard-earned dimes in order is a tad more complex than avoiding that overpriced, super-frothy latte. And remember, if you ever need some help, Moxie’s got your back.

Let’s dive into the digital ledger and see where our freelancer treasures lie...

1. QuickBooks

The Old Reliable

When you think of accounting software, QuickBooks is often the first name that pops up. It’s like that classic Beatles song — time-tested and still groovy.


  • Invoicing Customization: Create bespoke invoices that reflect your brand. Because let’s face it, if you're sending an invoice, you might as well make it look spiffy.
  • Expense Tracking: Just as you keep tabs on the cookies mysteriously disappearing from the jar, QuickBooks lets you track every penny, helping you identify that sneaky expense gobbling up your profit.
  • Tax Calculations: Taxes can feel like navigating through a maze blindfolded. QuickBooks acts like your trusty guide, ensuring you don’t hit any walls.

Think of QuickBooks as the Gandalf of accounting software. Guiding you through the treacherous journey with wisdom and a sprinkle of magic. It's reliable, wise, and if Moxie were Frodo, QuickBooks would definitely be its wizard companion.

2. FreshBooks

The New Kid on the Block

This software may be a tad younger than QuickBooks but bursting with energy and innovation. FreshBooks is like if QuickBooks had a hip younger cousin.


  • Time-Tracking: For those freelancers billing by the hour, this is a godsend. It ensures every minute (yes, even those 2 a.m. brainstorming sessions) counts.
  • Project Management Integration: Juggling multiple projects? FreshBooks lets you integrate with project management tools so you can seamlessly transition from taskmaster to accountant.
  • Client Portals: A space for clients to view their invoices, make payments, and leave feedback. It’s like giving them a cozy digital lounge to sit in while they sort out their finances.

FreshBooks is like the avocado toast of the accounting world. Modern, trendy, but undeniably effective. And when Moxie's your morning coffee, FreshBooks is the delightful breakfast accompaniment.

3. Wave

No-cost Wonder

What if I told you that you can get robust accounting software without reaching into those freelancer pockets? Enter Wave.


  • Unlimited Invoicing: Send as many invoices as you need. No caps, no limits. It’s a freelancers' paradise.
  • Receipt Scanning: Lost amidst a sea of crumpled receipts? Wave lets you scan and organize them, ensuring every business lunch and cab ride is accounted for.
  • Multi-Currency: Freelancers aren't bound by borders, and neither is Wave. It supports multi-currency invoicing, so you're always ready for global domination.

Wave is like that surprise dessert at the end of a meal, the one you didn’t order but makes the entire dining experience memorable. Partner it with Moxie, and you’ve got a full course of freelance expertise.

4. Xero

The Cloud Pioneer

While it may sound like a superhero from a distant galaxy, Xero is very much grounded in offering robust financial solutions right here on Earth. Tailored for small businesses and freelancers, it offers cloud-based magic for all your accounting needs.


  • Cloud-Based Accessibility: With Xero, the world is your office. Access your financials anytime, anywhere — all you need is an internet connection. It's a bit like having a magic carpet (without the flying part) for your finances.
  • Reconciliation Features: Say goodbye to mismatched numbers and hello to automated bank feeds that seamlessly match your transactions. It's like pairing socks after laundry, but Xero does it without any disappearing acts.
  • Inventory Management: For freelancers who have merchandise or physical goods, keeping track is a breeze. Know your stock levels at a glance and make informed decisions on reordering.
  • Integration Heaven: Xero plays well with others! Integrate it with a myriad of apps, ensuring your workflow remains smooth. And guess what? Moxie and Xero get along like two peas in a pod, further streamlining your freelance operations.

 Xero is like that unsung hero in a film; they may not always be in the limelight but still play a pivotal role in ensuring success. With Moxie guiding your freelance journey, integrating with tools like Xero, you're not just set for the credits; you're set for the sequel.

5. Moxie

The End-to-End Solution for the Modern Freelancer

Navigating the freelancing world can often feel like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but what if there was a magical piece that made all the other pieces fit perfectly? Enter Moxie, the all-encompassing freelance platform.


  • Project Mastery: The brilliance of Moxie is in the details. Organize tasks under specific deliverables, collaborate seamlessly, and keep an eye on the clock with the intuitive time tracker. It’s like having a mini project manager in your pocket.
  • Billing Brilliance: Click, convert, and voila! Turn those tracked hours into crisp invoices. Whether it’s a recurring invoice for those retainer clients or a one-off for project-based gigs, Moxie has you covered. Accept payments from around the globe in over 81 currencies, making it truly a freelancer’s global companion.
  • Financial Wizardry: Keep those expenses in check and your financial health in prime shape. With Moxie’s integrated accounting tools, like QuickBooks, you’re always a step ahead, knowing precisely where your business stands.
  • Unified Workspace: Moxie’s Homebase is the cockpit of your freelance spaceship. From a holistic view of your calendar to a focus tab giving you a quick rundown of pressing tasks, meetings, and payments, it’s your command center. And if you ever wonder how you’re faring, the Insights tab is your go-to, presenting a clear picture of your finances, time, and overall freelance health.

Moxie is like the Alfred to your Batman, ensuring everything from the first hello to the final invoice runs like a well-oiled machine. With Moxie, the freelance realm is no longer a maze but a clear path where every step, from proposals to profits, is calm, cool, and collected. Dive in, and let Moxie show you how freelancing can truly be a breezy affair.

Recap of the Financial Symphony

  • QuickBooks: The versatile old-timer
  • FreshBooks: Modern simplicity
  • Wave: The delightful freebie
  • Zoho Books: The underdog with a punch
  • Moxie: The freelance enhancer

Ever heard the saying, “It's not about the destination, it's about the journey”? Well, selecting the right accounting software isn't the endgame; it's the beautiful symphony that plays as you dance through the freelance world. And in that musical medley, the sweet notes of Moxie keep you grooving.

Remember, go-getter freelancers, managing finances can be as delightful as biting into a juicy watermelon on a scorching day. Refreshing, rewarding, and leaving you wanting more.

Ready to elevate your freelance game? With Moxie, freelancing isn't just a job; it's an art, an experience, and a lifestyle made simpler. Dive into the world of Moxie and experience firsthand how freelancing can be calm, cool, and ever-so-collected.

Embrace the Moxie Revolution Now!

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