Freedom to freelance

How to run your business from anywhere.

guide for freelancers
Chapter 2

Losing money on wasted time

Have you ever envied your friends’ ability to go to the dentist or get an oil change without worrying about work or the money you could be making during that time? We have.

For freelancers, time is money. Every moment that you’re not working is a moment you’re not making money or, worse, are losing money. So when you’re stuck at the DMV, it’s hard not to think of the time you’re wasting.

Even worse, unexpected delays can delay projects and stall your productivity. If you thought you would be working but are instead stuck in standstill traffic, you’ll spend the entire delay thinking about the problems piling up at home.

Having the option to pull out your phone and get stuff done in these situations is game-changing. Whether you’re waiting for five minutes or five hours, you can use dead time to make headway on your work.

More importantly, the more you can get done in these moments, the less time you have to spend making up for them in your off-hours. You can watch a movie with your significant other or kids rather than spending late nights in the office.

Tips & solutions for making every minute count

We know you can’t do everything you need to from your phone, but as business owners, there’s always something that needs to be done. Use the following tips to take advantage of every opportunity to lighten your workload for the immediate future.

Take care of administrative tasks

Freelancers tend to prioritize client work over business tasks. After all, this work doesn’t directly lead to more money in your bank account.

Unfortunately, when you fall behind on invoicing and sending out proposals, it can limit the money you should be making.

Having business management capabilities on your phone means you can use formerly wasted time to work on the stuff you might not have time for otherwise. Prioritize your administrative work by getting it done when you can’t do anything else.

Sure, you can’t design a website or work on your client’s finances at the hair salon, but you can send invoices, add expenses, send proposals, and update your projects. By using this time to keep your business running smoothly, you will be in a better position to succeed when you are able to get back to your craft.

Plan the rest of your day or week

When something comes up, your entire schedule shifts.

These planning sessions give a chaotic day order. They also redirect your mind from the stress and anxiety that comes with wasted time, using this energy to be productive. Armed with your schedule, you can then tackle your tasks with focus.

Get paid for every second

Many freelance jobs require time spent away from your desk. Estimating this time works to some extent, but you risk losing time and dollars to the time you round off.

Mobile time tracking ensures you get paid for every second you give to your clients. If you’re at a jobsite, waiting for a response, or shopping for supplies, you can have peace of mind in your accurate time billing.

Plus, if you want to move to a project-based payment system later on, you will have a complete picture of the costs you need to include in your prices.

How can the Hectic mobile app help me stop losing money on wasted time?

Our focused design empowers mobile work and prevents any time you might waste fighting with a clunky tool. Whenever you’re in a setting with free time, you can pull it up and get to work immediately.

Create and send invoices directly from your phone, no matter where you might be sitting. Start the time tracker, adding notes about how you’re using your time. Add meetings and tasks to your schedule so you never miss anything important. Still waiting on something from a client? The app will send you directly to an email addressed to your contact with a single click.

When we say your business is in your pocket, we truly mean it. Every minute is an opportunity to move ahead and keep growing your business.