Freedom to freelance

How to run your business from anywhere.

guide for freelancers
Chapter 4

Growing your business with only your phone

Freelancers are hustlers. When your income rests solely in your own hands, growing your business is always on your to-do list.

Sometimes this means filling your pipeline, as we discussed in the last chapter. Other times, it means collaborating with other freelancers or turning small jobs into bigger opportunities.

Let’s say you decided to travel around the world for six months. We know that freelancing is a universal, global experience. Every new place you visit is a new opportunity to connect with other creatives in that space. Photographers can collaborate with international models, videographers, and makeup artists to create once-in-a-lifetime shoots in incredible locations. Writers can connect with publications to write articles about other cultures or experiences. But those aren’t the only ways to grow.

You can also connect with freelancers at home. Those that run agencies, for example, can hire other freelancers to manage some of the work while you’re out. Running late and need someone else to handle a task? Quickly reassign it to keep the work flowing.

By collaborating through the same business management tool, everyone will stay on the same page at all times.

Mobile freelancing also gives you control over your schedule. You’ll never need to say “after my vacation/appointment/errands” again. You will always be available and ready to act on any opportunity you see.

Tips & solutions for growing your business through your phone

Understand your capacity

Freelancers have a bad case of FOMO. Because we’re afraid of missing out on money or opportunities, we tend to take on more than we can handle. Making these decisions without access to our schedule and pipeline can further worsen this tendency.

With your business on your phone, you can avoid overbooking yourself. And we don’t just mean during work hours. If you are having to work late nights and weekends to keep up, you are taking on too much work. Especially if you’re supposed to be on vacation or taking a break.

As soon as you get an opportunity for a new project, check your schedule and upcoming projects for an accurate picture of your availability. With the option to pull it up on your phone, you will always be able to act quickly and with confidence.

Know when it’s time to scale

You may come to a point where you can’t handle all the work by yourself without giving up your freedom. That’s when you know it’s time to make some adjustments. Hiring other freelancers to help handle your workload is a great option, but only if your business can handle it.

As a mobile freelancer, you can’t wait until you’re at a computer to assess your workload. Most clients need a quick response about taking on work, so you have to evaluate your capabilities wherever you are.

Mobile business tools give you that option. Accepting this work lays the foundation for the next stage of your business growth, moving you further toward your goals.

Manage your professional reputation

Few things are worse than falling out of communication in a business relationship. Clients will worry about their work and the money they’ve invested, not to mention the added hassle of having to look for a new independent contractor. The longer you go without keeping up with your work, the worse your reputation will be.

Mobile business tools ensure you never put your reputation at risk when you take time away from your computer. Access to your projects guarantees you never miss a deadline or part of a deliverable. Professional time tracking gives credibility to your billing. By running a professional business, whether you’re “working” or not, you can solidify your industry reputation and authority.

How can the Hectic mobile app help me grow my business?

With your business at your fingertips, you will always be prepared to take and successfully manage every opportunity you get. You’ll never have to worry about overextending your capabilities or schedule. No matter the chance for growth, you will be ready for it.

Send and manage invoices to ensure you can pay anyone you employ. Maintain excellent project management to encourage clients to keep returning with more work. Add collaborators to your projects to keep everyone on the same page.