Editor's picks
Austin L Church and setting smart, strategic freelance prices
Guess no more. Use actual math to set freelance prices that provide for you and your needs and help you work towards your dreams.
Michelle Lee
Do We Need a Business Bank Account as a Freelancer?
To bank or not to bank, that is the question! Dive into the freelance finance quest of: do you really need a business bank account?
Managing Cash Flow as a Freelancer: How Go-Getter Freelancers Stay in the Green
Managing cash flow can feel like trying to eat soup with a fork. But with a dash of strategy, a sprinkle of humor, and tools like Moxie by your side, you can slurp up success and send those cash flow blues running.
Michelle Lee
Wudan Yan and how to negotiate in your freelance business
Wudan Yan trains us on how to flex your negotiation muscle as a business owner and what things you must have in any negotiation.
Michelle Lee
How To Calculate Your Freelance Hourly Rate Step-By-Step: A Guide For The Go-Getter Freelancers
Dear go-getter freelancers, next time someone asks about your rate, channel the confidence of a lemonade mogul, stand tall, and remember—you're selling the crème de la crème of lemonades in this vast freelance market.
You're Probably Calculating Freelance Rates All Wrong
With a suite of tools designed for freelancers, Moxie can help you get a clear picture of your finances and get those rates just right.
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