Freedom to freelance

How to run your business from anywhere.

guide for freelancers
Chapter 6

Feeling tethered to your computer

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things you can only do from your computer. But if we’re being even more honest, those things aren’t the only activities involved in running our businesses.

As we mentioned earlier, freelancers tend to have a major case of FOMO.

With this guide, we’re hoping you’re beginning to understand that you don’t have to live with this fear and anxiety.

Tips and solutions for untethering yourself from your computer

Learn to prioritize

Learning to freelance on-the-go isn’t about using more of your time to work. It’s about optimizing your time so you can fully enjoy the moments you spend away from it.

The first step to untethering yourself from your computer is prioritizing your work when you are at your desk. Focus on the tasks that require your computer and equipment. Use the time you know you have in the office to get these responsibilities out of the way.

Then, use the dead time you have throughout the day to take care of the other tasks. When you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or grabbing a bite alone at a restaurant, manage the parts of your business you can access through your phone.

By the time you get to your off-hours, you will hopefully be in a place where you don’t have to worry about work. You can give your full attention to your family, the book you’ve been dying to read, or an afternoon spent fishing.

Get better at saying no

As everyone’s favorite chaotician once said, you can be so concerned over whether you could do something that you don’t stop to think if you should (or something like that).

Armed with a tool like the Hectic mobile app, you will be fully capable of taking every business opportunity that comes your way. Just because you can do it, however, doesn’t mean that you always should.

When you’re on vacation, taking a day for yourself, or chaperoning your niece’s field trip, it’s perfectly okay to take an actual break from your business.

As long as you prepare your business and clients in advance, you can - and even should - say no.

You’ll know when something is urgent or when you need to bend the rules to give a “Hell, yes!” to an exciting opportunity. Trust your intuition and experience and remember to give yourself time to breathe.

Practice healthy boundaries

Part of saying no is knowing your boundaries. Some boundaries may be personal, such as:

  • Not handling business stuff while I’m eating or spending time with others
  • Only taking new work from current clients when I am traveling
  • Limiting work to scheduled check-ins

And others may be enforced by your loved ones or circumstances, such as:

  • Only working in the early mornings or evenings on vacation
  • Only handling emergencies to preserve battery life during a power outage
  • Working within my clients’ work hours to stay available for their needs

No matter your boundaries, it’s important to stick to them. Doing so is better for your mental health and productivity. It’s also essential for maintaining happy relationships.

While it may be tempting to constantly pick up your phone for small tasks, train yourself to keep healthy habits that fit within your boundaries.

Find the right tool

As we hope you’ve seen through this guide, managing and growing your freelance business on-the-go is only possible with the right tool.

Yep, one tool. Because you can’t be as productive and efficient as you need to be if you have to jump back and forth between multiple apps.

Using the right tool empowers you to build a business that supports your professional journey. As you get new clients and expand your work, you get closer to being the industry expert that everyone wants to hire. And if you can manage your business well, you will have the freedom to make every minute count, on-the-clock, at home, and on-the-move.

So where can you find that one right tool?

Using the Hectic mobile app support your mobile freelance business

You can see your projects, invoices, and information in the order you need at that moment. From invoices to proposals, you can quickly do what you need to do and move on to the next task.

Your productivity shouldn’t have to stop when you’re offline. The Hectic mobile app guarantees that it won’t. Don’t wait to get ahead of your work. Do it as soon as you think of it, anytime and anywhere.

Living the #bosslesslife has just become that much easier. Where will yours take you?