Freedom to freelance

How to run your business from anywhere.

guide for freelancers
Chapter 5

Making money on-the-move

If your personal responsibilities allow it, this enables more opportunity for travel than you would find in any other work situation. Unless you have a large savings account, however, you can’t see the world without a steady stream of income.

But the jet-setting lifestyle isn’t the only reason to think about invoicing on-the-go.

When you’re not working from an office, quick access to your invoices is essential for a healthy business. You need to know what has been paid and invoiced so you have a good idea of how much will be coming in and when. If a client is asking for more work but hasn’t yet paid an outstanding invoice, you need this information before you agree to the new project.

To avoid losing money on the time you spend for clients, you need the option to track it accurately and professionally when you’re working remotely. If you also have expenses, you need an easy way to track your costs so you can get fully reimbursed.

Paper checks may work fine when you’re at home, but any time away from your homebase will also cut off your access to new payments. Instead, you need an invoicing solution that integrates directly with your business management tool and gives you instant access to your income.

Tips & solutions for making money on-the-go

Your payments are the lifeblood of both your business and any activities you want to enjoy in your time off. Without a reliable mobile billing system, your plans will quickly fall apart. Using these solutions, you can maintain access to your money and ensure you receive every dollar you work for.

Invoice on-time

The easiest way to lose income and professionalism is to invoice late. Delayed billing can wreak havoc on your client’s budget and even lead to payment issues. Your client may question your ability to keep up with your business needs, throwing your capability into question.

Timely invoicing also helps you receive payments on time. When your invoices arrive promptly, clients can pay them more quickly. You will be able to fund your life experiences, even on long trips. It also allows you to charge late fees for delayed payments, something you shouldn’t do if you’re responsible for the delay.

When you’re not in your normal rhythm, it’s easy to forget to send an invoice. The best way to ensure on-time billing when you’re on-the-go is to set alerts for when your invoices are due. This may be an alert on your business app or an alarm on your phone. As long as it helps you stick to your billing schedule, find what works for you.

Track your time

Working out of the office can often affect our perception of time. What might only feel like five minutes working at the bus stop may actually be ten minutes. If you’re just doing something “really quick” for a client, you may be missing out on money you’ve earned.

Prevent this loss by tracking any time you give to a client, no matter how long you’re working or where you’re working from. Using a professional time tracker gives more legitimacy to your tracked hours and ensures the accuracy of your results.

Tracking your time gives you the freedom to work whenever you have the chance. You won’t have to put tasks off until you have access to your computer’s time tracker. Instead, you can make every spare moment an opportunity to get ahead.

Keep up with accounting

How much are you spending in expenses? Are you getting fully reimbursed for these costs? With the right business management tool, you can get these answers immediately on your phone.

Get paid anytime and anywhere

This is especially important for freelancers who have work that requires them to move from place to place. As soon as you finish a job, you can send an immediate invoice. This ensures you never forget to bill a customer and gives you the opportunity to collect payment at the jobsite.

For freelancers who travel, this also empowers your journey. You can send and receive invoices in the moment, maintaining your cash flow even when you’re not at the office.

How can the Hectic mobile app help me make money on-the-move?

Our invoicing and accounting tools are one of the most powerful parts of the mobile app. Along with enabling continuous income, they make it quick and simple.

You can open the invoice tool from the home screen, a client, or any specific project. Once you’ve selected the client, Hectic automatically collects your tracked time and recurring projects to simplify your invoicing. Just add the relevant items, customize your terms, and adjust the automated email to send a professional invoice. It’s that easy. Plus, you can also download invoices to your phone as PDFs to send from your personal email or through a text message.

If you have receipts to add to your expenses, you can do so with your phone’s camera. Just snap a picture and add any other details. The app will then automatically add this amount to your next invoice for the client you assign it to.

You can also view all of your invoices, sorted by due date, status, and client. Whatever you need to keep your business moving, you can do it all in moments from your phone.