Freedom to freelance

How to run your business from anywhere.

guide for freelancers

Why should I freelance on-the-go?

Flexibility is the best thing about freelancing. When you don’t have anything tying you down to a physical location or specific timeline, you can work from anywhere at any time.

No matter the reason you started working for yourself, you likely chose it for the freedom it offers for your schedule, work, and lifestyle. Maybe you wanted to spend more time with your family. Perhaps you longed to experience everything the world has to offer. Or maybe you were just tired of answering to someone else’s demands.

You were yearning for that #bosslesslife.

Sure, your clients have expectations, but their only concern is really one thing: the work.

This might look like:

  • Running your business - Maybe you offer car detailing, pet grooming, or something else that brings you to your clients. When your work is always in a new place, you need to take your business with you.
  • Adding trips to your itinerary without taking more time off work than you want - Work from a hotel, AirBNB, ferry, beach, or airport, all without sacrificing income, opportunities, and peace of mind.
  • Being more present with your loved ones - Join a field trip as a chaperone, stay with a relative who’s sick in the hospital as long as they need, and keep an eye on your business during family vacations without sacrificing time together.
  • Enjoying a change of scenery - Want to spend the afternoon at the park or at a museum? Pick up and go on a whim while staying in control of your work.
  • Staying prepared for emergencies - If you’re affected by a natural disaster, have a sudden change of plans, or dealing with a broken computer, you can continue running your business without a hitch.
  • Structuring your business around your life, not the other way around
  • Leaving the computer at home - Computers and laptops are expensive and unwieldy. Feel confident enough to leave your computer at home during long weekend trips or quick coffee shop meetings.
  • Making every minute count

Let’s unlock your #bosslesslife.

Why is the Hectic mobile app different from every other app?

Many (or even most) mobile apps are something known as “companion apps.” They offer a limited version of the tool’s features, but often require you to jump onto your computer to get things done quickly and easily.

They’re good in an emergency, but not reliable for staying in control of your business when you’re out.

With the Hectic mobile app, we’ve designed a full-service mobile freelance tool that does everything you need it to, wherever you are.

Some of the features we’re most excited about include:

  • Simplicity - We’ve designed the app to be focused, fast, and easy to use. You can access everything within a few taps, saving time and effort. Every filter is customizable so you can see your business in exactly the way that works best for you.
  • Mobile-optimized - We hate having to zoom in and shift our phones around to actually see what we’re looking at. Everything from buttons to forms to content is made to fit your phones. We’ve also made it work in both light and dark modes for the ultimate user experience.
  • Real-time sync - If you have the app open on both your phone and computer, you can watch changes take effect in real-time. Whether you’re tracking time or adding a client, everything saves and updates instantly.

Our team developed Hectic because we wanted to make freelancing possible for anyone. It’s why we keep our price affordable, and focus our content on helping you start and thrive in your business. Now, we want to help you find and take opportunities everywhere.

It’s also why we’re writing this guide. With this stepping stone, we’re hoping you can throw yourself at your next venture without reservations or questions. It might be visiting Japan or just taking a long lunch down the road.

Can you feel the possibilities?

The Hectic Team